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what is inside an album?

what is inside an album? Are there pages of newspapers? He or plastic slots where you can upload photos? What am I supposed to do with an album?

Oh my God, where to start. Well, these days scrapbooking is a huge industry and popular. You can find items in department stores such as Hobby Lobby, Michael, Joann, Target and Wal-Mart or small local scrapbook. There are kits you can buy everything what you need and in them, except for databases (such as adhesives, scissors, openers, etc) or you can choose to 12x12, 8x8, 6x6 (standard size). They have a clear sheet protectors on them and make your page and drag them inside to ensure their safety. Either people are now changing all of things and transform them into albums (such as boxes and boxes) or for their own albums things like bags of paper or particle board. The best thing to do, if you want to start is to review some websites, talk to people who already do, and visit one of the stores mentioned above. Good luck and have fun!

Your scrapbook paper

Since time immemorial albums are created from the documents-the most versatile material can be used in many ways. The truth is that albums are not possible without them. Every print from old to modern age has been built around exploiting the use of paper. Needless to say, paper scrapbooking is still in development today.

Regardless of the complexity of the process of becoming albums, records are out of question as main material. The stores offer a pre-cleaning of paper that can be bought and compiled based on personal taste. But enough?

Using recycled paper for scrapbooking:

Sentimental scrapbook collectors are not always satisfied by the trade of designs available in stores. They prefer to do their own cut from old magazines a treasure that can surprise combining different images of your choice. This is not all about saving money, but is to make use of art talent and skill. Yes, scrapbooking is an art in itself.


There are different types of documents used by the drafters. Generally, images printed on cardboard pages to the fashion, bright. Is necessary for an eye journals in good usable for scrapbooking. Sometimes you do not know how priceless piles of magazines can be effective for an album. If you are collecting material for serious scrapbooking, there must be different on each photograph.

Do not insert in one specific publication, but If it takes some different types of colors, patterns and articles accompanying good shots. Dear magazines are more likely qualified to meet your needs. Note care to throw. If you want to submit too thick in the stores, you can cut out pictures at once and throw away or sell the unused old pages for buyers paper trash.

DISTRIBUTION design elements

If you have a hardcover scrapbook, you can mount both its design. Perhaps the plan in advance beginning with the theme of the game in a specific color code.

Remember that the elements of a good design. We need to understand the color wheel to know what it takes to have the confidence of the combination of colors. A good tip is to look in different tissues.

Choose one of the favorites and try to apply it to your own theme album. The tissues were pre-designed by manufacturers before releasing them on the market. This means that the colors are already in the right combination. This might inspire you and help you if you do not have the charm and color. Consider repeating patterns, rhythm, harmony and sense of focus.

Maintenance and restoration

How long for keep the notebook? Papers last long, but it will depend on composition. There are documents that can attract specific insects and do different changes in the album pages. If you can stretch a budget, the best is to keep pages covered by the limits of plastic.

Several types are available in the Trade, buy, even during the pre-design planning. Use synthetic glues and not from organic materials. Keep scrapbook in a box or drawer of the dust and make sure you do not expose to moisture and damp. outside if you do, do not expose to sunlight for a long period. Keep out of reach of children.

Scrapbook paper is very rewarding hobby. If you do good, you can even offer a gift to a loved one. It will be appreciated more!

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