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How do you add extra pages to a scrap book (it isn't a ring binder scrapbook)?

I'm new to scrapbooking and I was wondering to add extra pages to a scrapbook that isn't a ring binder.

If you mean a scrapbook like the K and Co ones there's two little screws that are in the folds of the spines if you undo these you can add more pages.

Premade Disney Scrapbook Pages - Scrapbook With Your Kids


Do you enjoy looking at scrapbooks and would like to start making them but you don't know where to start? Worried that you don't know exactly how to put one together that will look good? If you have kids then you should take a look at premade Disney scrapbook pages. These are exactly what they sound like, scrapbook pages that have already been designed for you with Disney characters on them.

The premade Disney scrapbook pages come in all the familiar Disney characters: Winnie The Pooh, Snow White, Sleepy Beauty, Belle, Jasmine, Mickey Mouse etc. If your child is like mine then they will love to work with these. My daughter is a big fan of the Disney princesses and any chance to play with them always scores a big hit. Sit down with your child and pick some of their favorite pictures. If the pictures happen to be from Disney Land or Disney World then all the better, but they don't have to be. Any special occasion will work. For my family there is a local amusement park and we have a lot of great memories and pictures from there. These are ideal for creating scrapbooks and immortalizing our time together as a family.

Once you have the occasion you would like to immortalize it is time to pick out the premade Disney scrapbook page. There are a number of different ones to choose from. To make the creation of the scrapbook easier you should consider purchasing a scrapbook kit. This will give you everything you will need and the finished scrapbook is sure to be impressive. If you will be doing this with your child make sure to include them in the decision making process so they feel more involved in the project.

What you can expect to get with a scrapbook kit is patterned pages, expoxy stickers and accents. When choosing the kit see if they also supply words and titles. If not it would be a good idea to get a package of words and titles you would like to use. These are fairly inexpensive and will add a lot of flair to your scrapbook.

Using premade Disney scrapbook pages can make the scrapbooking experience a lot of fun and give you and your child some great memories. Happy scrapbooking.

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