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Is it an 8 x 11.5 paper card in the setting of an album of 8x8?

I found some nice pastel card stock at Walmart to actually $ 5 and, as she had 300 pages. I do not like paying 15.00 for 20 pages of its not worth the money. Now, I'm not with all things, because I have no scrapbooking time. I'm just putting things in pre and post delivery. so nice stay and the road.

just cut to size

A notepad in hand with the ease of creating special events and give as gifts commemorating

You are went to a special event or festival and took many pictures, but what you do with them now? If you're like most people, you see the pictures on your computer or the envelope must be the final one. Never seen will be archived.

It's a shame. I know, because I have boxes and boxes of pictures that are rarely seen because it is very difficult to achieve. However, I also have several albums that just a pleasure to watch. To me, they are objects that can not even put a price.

The idea of putting my photos in an album made to Hand came to me after I attended an event and several people have requested copies of my photos. I do not want to rely solely these people a bunch of random images because this event deserves special treatment. It was so special and I wanted to show you a way special. It is not enough pictures with them. I wanted to have words with pictures.

Although the album handmade to take some time, not fight for the quality and uniqueness. I started with the first special event and have several books since the two samples below. Follow these steps to create your own:

To make an album made by hand:

Mount printed on 8-1/2 x 11 white cards. In addition to prints and maps, you should get a paper cutter and round corner. The cutter you can cut them with precision size and picture cards, and the round corner is very good for shaping the corners of your pictures.

I usually put my tracks in order first time, the size of crops around the corner (personal preference) and then mounted with glue sticks.

Besides photo pages, adding a tree of pages of a family connection or a page can really help tell the story. My albums eventually be 20-40 pages 3 to 5 pictures per page.

Place words to images. After all images are mounted on album pages, cardboard bring them to my computer and simply pass each page and write in a blank Word document the titles of each photo.

When I started to these books, I bought a really cool disc sources called "The Best of Creative Letters" album of my favorite magazine, " Creating Keepsakes Magazine. "If you want an album many resources, this review is!

After the titles are in the Word document, print and assemble each picture mode using tubes of glue.

Embellish the pages. Now that the photos and captions are mounted I see pages with memorabilia, such as golf scoring cards and tickets, and I can add labels to limit the amount of white space. Not use stickers, metal, and you do not copy well.

Copy sheets and coils. The cheapest way to make copies of your message home is to go to a place like Kinkos copy or reproduction, and make color copies of it (bring your own card). It is more expensive, but it will do for you if you prefer.

This is one of the main reasons why these books. You can make as many copies as you want for the original and everyone receives a copy of their own home. You can not do that with albums albums in big luxury.

For computers phones more durable, laminated front and rear. The books will keep longer and more beautiful. Finally, the books must be bound. I like to use the type coil in black as they keep well and are really good.

I spend a lot of time and energy creating these hand books. When I give someone one of these special gifts and see their expression, which really warms the heart and makes it all worthwhile.

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