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Tips for Scrapbooking Designs Tag?

Hello designing a label etsy shop newspaper and want to see if anyone had suggestions for new designs. Is there any record label or Embelishment would really like to have but can not find. Or maybe there is an issue that is in complete love and I can not get enough. Any suggestions are welcome.

What others for the holidays or seasons? It's just a idea.

Scrapbooking Embellishments went to a new level with the introduction of bronze metal ornaments. These decorate the corners of your book covers well. Add these new scrapbooking embellishments for your next project and see a whole new world open to you in the field of creativity.

Have you found yourself searching online for a gallery of scrapbooking you can look for new ideas? Here's a flash, "everyone too much! "I recommend this approach for the artist who is always looking for creative ways to look at an age old art and" I mean is an art! "Search engines Internet search web pages dedicated to your topic. One way of my favorites is to go on eBay find books that are presented for auction. You do not want to copy to get ideas from other artists, but it's nice to see someone other debris was custom book pages. Take a few minutes online each day for a week in search of new ideas.

Change colors or sizes of photo. Change ornaments attached to pages. Remember that thing ... More Photos will be calibrated size, 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 sizes. Do not use odd sizes like 5 x 8 only because it is the space on a page. Add a "frontier" to white image space below 5 X 7. There are several ways to add photos to the page. Some prefer a belt connected to the page that allows the image to slide in and off. Some people prefer corner pieces.

A new technique for creating pictures to keep your site is to drag the corners under diestruck beautiful metallic structures. Use glue dots or have a cotton ball and cut in half. Soak E6000 queue and support under brass. Put a clothes pin or weight on top. When the glue is dry cotton will harden and hold scrapbooking embellishments firmly in page.

The author, Brenda McDonald has an online resource for Scrapbooking Embellishments, jewelry findings, stampings, vintage brass pieces, Swarovski Austrian Crystals, vintage sewing buttons, and everything you need to make your Scrapbook project beautiful. Please visit Brenda at:


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