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Looking Watercolor on paper impregnated with paint Pan ...?

Some years ago I was at a scrapbooking convention and acquisition a set of watercolors that had infused the painting on paper rather than remain in the molds. It was a very good product! My children and I, - no muss no problems. I drilled a hole in one corner of the strip, put a ring through them and hang them in my craft room wall. Favorites them. Unfortunately, our basement flooded and I replace them. I can not find them anywhere, any place. Has anyone heard of these last, and if so, where I can get another game?

Maybe try a shop or a notebook as a site ... Good .... Lucky Sounds interesting!

Why Scrapbooking Punches are more popular Real People used in Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a method of maintaining the value, appointments, thoughts, ideas and feelings using visual aids. Scrapbooking The idea is to keep things personal interest in a very concrete and visual. This technique of preservation of objects using specific devices such as photo albums decorated with feathers written appointment or crayons and other decorative objects that all claim to please the eye. Using visual media to create an impact.

The practice of Scrapbooking is not new. He has been in practice since ancient times. Hyponemata in ancient Greece were the forms of notebooks to record what you thought, felt or heard. There is no evidence to date has been a practice elsewhere. Scrapbooking people began when he the printed material became widely available. commonplace book, a new concept can be described as something that is parallel to the practice of scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking method today uses various means such as stamps, postcards, albums goat and full documentation for the preservation of written content. Braids, Wool ornaments, stickers, glitter, colored feathers, images, etc. are all used to decorate the scrapbook. The invention of digital media has led to the use of printers, scanners, laptops, e-etc as a means for scrapbooking. Publishing electronics and advanced printing options provide a platform for the dissemination of albums.

Scrapbooking hits are probably the most popular assets used in scrapbooking. They can be used to highlight your album and make it more attractive. Also can be used to create shots fist develop and precise. The art of punches can be made with this material developed Scrapbooking. Punching is an integral part decoration of your scrapbook. This makes it much more attractive and organized. It is an excellent choice to add that the edge of your notebook.

Scrapbooking shocks are of various sizes. They also come in different shapes and structures. One can choose according to your scrapbook punch in the middle or the theme of your album. Some manufacturers to produce hits big scrapbook. Some features are smooth and sharp. These shots are really the best bet for layering or funds for the creation of letters and card making. Some features are forms that may be useful to place the braids and ribbons of your scrapbook.

A special album marks drilling famous for the variety of his hits live is a perfect choice for your laptop. This brand produces shocks in different ways like a frog, the bones, butterflies, stars, candles, cars, balloons, three-leaf clover, the popular heart, a popular star, the lizard, lotus, maple leaf a musical note, oak leaf, Pawprint, cat, fear, others with three leaves and many others. This wide range of topics can certainly make the album a fun drill. Was also interactive environment for children and babies.

Several other shots Scrapbooking are available on the market to adapt to the tastes and needs of different consumers. Some variety of cell called the plans "corner scrapbook shock "are very famous for its great usefulness. These shots can be used to shape corners, borders and designs. They are particularly useful for the creation of punch art photographs.

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