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what do i put in a scrapbook for my boyfriend?

We have been going out for 3 months and both of our birthdays are in October. We haven't taken any pictures, sent any letters, or any of that but we have special sayings and dates that we both remember. What do i put in it? Also, what kind of drawings do i put in it? HELP ME

You can put your favorite places to go, your favorite things to do, like the previous poster mentioned, the things you love about him, etc.

You can put what made you fall in love with him, you can write about how you two met, how he asked you out, these are the things you're going to want to remember.

You don't have to have pictures on every page. There's NO wrong or right way to scrapbook, as long as YOU are happy with the book, that's all the matters! Journaling, which is the writing is one of the most important things about scrapbooking, because you're going to want to remember the who, what, where, when, and why, but also, and more importantly, the FEELINGS and emotions! The things that really matter!

You're going to want to remember how you felt when you first saw him, write about how you first saw him, when you first met, and what happened from there, when he asked you out, and about your first date, those are things you're going to want to remember, and if you do marry and have kids, these are the things they're going to want to know and LOVE to read!

You can also put in a facts page, like one column is about him, and one about you, for instance
where he grew up where grew up
His high school your high school
His Major in college Your major
Sports he played sports
Clubs he was in clubs you were in
Favorite food favorite food
Favorite color favorite color
Pets Pets

You know what I mean, whatever you want to compare in things that are different and similar. You can make a whole list to show these which will be fun to look back on.

You can also do a He said, She Said page, which is your side of the story and his side of the story, you can have him write out about how you two met and how he asked you out and about your first date, and then you write out how you met, and how he asked you out, etc. It would be very interesting to see your two versions and how you both tell the same story, there usually are differences, but it would be awesome to have his way of telling it too in your book!

You can also do a He said she said for anything, like different ways you two say things, if you have different words for things, or different ways of saying things, you can do that.

You can also make a layout of your pet names for each other if you have any. ( i called my boyfriend binkie .. Often a childs blanket so i had a little girl holding a blanket on the side) saying you will always be my binkie

vellum paper is awesome. seriously. AND you can print on it and glue it over stuff. like if you have some crazy background and it's too obnoxious to write on (or a picture), you can glue vellum paper over it and viola! this is an example (it's an invitation, but you can apply the same concepts):×6.1.JPG
they used a flowered background with vellum paper over it and hole punched the top and put a ribbon through it. it's a good idea!

what was the favorite thing he ever said to you? put that in there somewhere also..

There are TONS of different types of stickers in the crafts store. There's a company called EK Success and they make a line called Jolee's boutique, both AC Moore and Michael's carry them, they are 3D stickers in EVERYTHING you can imagine from foods, to doctors, to school, you name, there's a sticker for it, and you can use them to decorate your pages with. They have stickers of pizzas, donuts, costumes, even x-rays, and dr. tools, and college things, you'd be surprised to see what you can find in a sticker these days! Go there and check it out, there's even salt and pepper shakers filled with glitter! LOL There's everything! You can go there and check them and find things to accent your pages with, so even if there's no pictures, you still have stickers and things on your pages. Doodling is also VERY big right now in scrapbooking so even doodling on your pages to dress them up is very hot!

First dates ideas .. where you went. If you can find a picture of the place. Or maybe what you ate, ( a mag pic of that food. and make it fun

You can also do pictures of where you stayed in college, pictures of your dorms, etc. Pictures of his hometown, his family, etc. I'm sure the longer you're together, the more you're going to have to fill your album with and I'm sure you'll have more than one album!

you could include coupons for hugs, kisses, trip to the movies (your treat) etc. in the back (:

I hope some of these ideas help and that you have a fun time making your album


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