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What are the 10 most commonly found in warehouses or on the shore of the Atlantic?

OK, I have a science project based molluscs, and I went on vacation in Florida, few shells really well. But I have no idea what kind of shells that are, or that the deposits are more common. PLEASE HELP! And PLEASE do not make stupid answers of points!

Here is good coast of Florida to the shell is very identification of the locations: Just click shells, which resemble those who brought you out of Florida, and he will give a better picture wide of the tank and its scientific name. Another very good site for identifying shells found along the Atlantic coast of Florida is If you go on vacation, on the contrary, on the west coast * Florida, here is a good place to deposit identifiable information: On the coast general identification of the Atlantic tank, this site will be of more help: Good luck with your project!

Florida "bombing" Playas

Sanibel Island, FL

Sanibel Island is world famous for its beaches bombing. They even a name he calls the "Crouching Sanibel. With an abundance of shellfish people come from around the world just to collect these treasures of the coast. A quick note, it is best to look at low tide. Outside shell Sanibel Island is an island ideal for family holidays, weddings, honeymoons, birthdays, and so on. With crystalline waters and spectacular white sand that is sure to remember this island forever.

Bonita Springs, FL

A community that offers beautiful beaches, environment and community life of the ultimate right of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. Welcome some of the most beautiful beaches and islands of Florida State. In addition, Bonita Springs is also home to many freshwater lakes and water. Enjoy sailing, fishing, shelling, and golf. Also houses Lovers Key State Park, which was "the most visited park in Florida during 2006 and One of the best beaches in the nation "Barefoot Beach to 342 acres. Bonita Springs is the perfect example of Florida living at its best and has some of the attacks bomb more favorable opportunities. When I hear Bonita Springs, many sand dollars that I took from there.

You read more in-depth reviews like the one you just read, visit my blog. I have many comments and pictures of every place I write to you to an idea of what this place looks. I understand the struggles most people when it comes Map Beach Florida vacation. There may be a lot of research and headaches. My goal is to give those who seek a perfect refuge from a list of everthing reduced one place. I hope you visit my blog that Blue package updates. Regards. Mr. Smith

Visit my blog at for new photos and comments on the best beach destination in Florida. " Comments are shelling beaches in Florida, Florida, fishing, Florida Family Fun "Beaches and more.

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