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Then I have all great albums that you are thankful that we live in the digital age, and may make the reduction of the album cover on your iPod, so you do not have to look cringe inducing reality art? To repeat: good albums with bad art. Here Willie Nelson Shotgun Willie (hey, sounds familiar). Why can I have this avatar clearer after the consultation. Http: / / now a hell of an album, but in reality? This is what would you go for Willie Nelson? If only he had met Willie Nelson Martin Scorsese. Intersting: two Shotgun Willie and Mean Streets (The source of my avatar) was launched in 1973. Is it God trying to send a secret message? BQ: Press 1973 favorite?

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The art of successful business idea

The myth of the starving artist thrives because it is often accompanied of one another myth: the creators are not doing good business. With these ideas in circulation, it is easy to see how the struggle of artists to succeed professionally.

But do not buy these myths. In fact, I artists and creators that the best businessmen. Here's why.

Artists are able to see the big picture. They may have a point overview. This creative approach, this ability to see what is there is no possibility taste, and is the key to business success.

Good artists are experts in location details. A painter knows the difference between cobalt and azure, a writer uses to describe characteristics of a character, and contours of a sculptor makes a difference in the final expression of a sculpture.

Artists and entrepreneurs are willing to risk. There is no guarantee of art business or life, but people take creative risks every time they go to the workshop. In fact, any self-respecting art of the artist and viewers outside the realm of the known and shows something new.

The artists are able to live in the unknown. making art is the most great adventure that is. If you do not know what you create, whether it will be of interest to anyone, or whether to make money at all, you're in good company with artists and business people.

Business and art are fed by a high level of passion. All Boards Management of companies preach the need to feed the passion for long periods of time are hard. Artists thrive on passion.

All These features give artists an advantage over others in the business world. It's great to be powered by the knowledge that you have need to succeed, and must also operate in a business-like to get there. Here are the keys to the success of the company I used and appreciated.

Vision. You need your creative achievement of a very, very deep. What for you, anyway? Have a vision for you and your business. Writing a vision statement that comes from his values and passion for their art.

Commitment. In a business or a career in art, there will be many ups and downs. It is important to have a strong commitment that you can come back when times are difficult. This commitment is asked again and again, but if you have a clear sense of commitment to the principle, falls are navigable. Writing a mission statement on the how it will fulfill its vision.

Follow through. Most of the success can be attributed to additional actions that we - Sending a thank you note, call, go further, or investigate a tip. Follow is the key to maximizing the opportunities to network and to fulfill its promises. There is also a key to be perceived as professionals and more things.

Building relationships Authentic. Doing business with people who want to be close. Would you be able to be with your support team (accountant, banker, coach) and customers (gallery owners, publishers, customers). Connect with people who share the same values, interests and art forms. Some people say that building relationships is the key to success, then you become a teacher in a good man for others.

Maintaining practice self-care. Making art and the creation of a business is hard work. There may be a lot of stress with the art and business and have a stable personal life is key. Know your needs and do what you can get fulfilled. Knowing what helps to relieve stress. Make sure the time to play, too, because it can be easy to work full time to his art trade.

Perspective. It is the weapon secret. The perspective is the most powerful tool we have. How do you see in the world, you and your company have a huge impact on your success will be. If can easily change their point of view, you will have a wider range of options available to you in your art and business. Practice Notes throughout the day works perspective. Does it feel good? Bad? In the middle? How does the prospect of a moment to contribute to your work?

Systems. And, of course, to succeed in business systems that you want to manage your business, marketing your work, and manage all the money that comes your way. Contact systems, marketing systems, accounting systems, and ways to label his art and his record sales are essential for a successful business.

While some of these products are the artist you're nervous, take it as an opportunity to see where you can grow. I do not see any other work that challenges to grow more than art and business. If you want to stay safe and without modifications, must choose another path. But why? Art and business are great adventures!

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