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How to Use Payot points loom point?

In my work there is an Indian dence, a young man dancing in the street and there is a wall behind her. So I want to do in the wall and dancer Payot loom points, but I do not know how to connect these two points and I do not know how to use different sizes of seed beads in the same work.

If you have a computer, all you have to do is download craft Payot point to point directions and find out for yourself.

Kids Crafts: Ribbons for Beginners Part I

Three or four years I was a fan of the accounts. I loved the game and I do account the animals all the time. Having performed over hundreds of animals and creatures of all, I stopped. I'm tired. There are some weeks, came to my mind and decided to start back. After I made some animals, I realized that I still party.

It is simply fantastic!

So let's get started!

First, you must:

  • accounts
  • wire (nylon string or fishing)
  • model

Indeed, what is wire or nylon fishing line? Previously, I used the fishing line, because I find it easier to use. And it is easier to use, in fact, because its end does not abide. However, no definite shape. The animal will not stay on your feet. The animals were maintained for the cable. You can bend any way you want. And it is a great advantage! Therefore, I would say the thread, but very thin thread.


If you are an animal that must be round, plump 3D (like a penguin) Always use nylon fishing line, because the cable will be almost completely flat.

I have a good example to demonstrate this:

Once I decided to make a grain owl, which was completed in image for example.

After finishing (using cable), it looked like a bat and an owl. It was completely flat.

I was very angry and scolded me the book. Later, I read the text next to the owl said that the use of nylon fishing line.

The next day I made the owl again, using nylon fishing. When I finished, looked exactly like the picture. It was completely round.

So the line, use the round fishing and 3D animals.

What about bills? I used the seeds (small) accounts for the bodies of animals since I started the topic. There accounts long (do not know the proper name), they are used for the wings and sometimes the legs.


These basic accounts used for the game in general, constitute the body of an animal. Today you can buy in any color, the size and shape you want. I can use small and quiet (do not know the exact size) and seed beads round.

More Wholesale Beads:

These are much larger than beads. Typically used for the eyes of an animal. However, use them when you want to highlight something.

Ball Length:

The grain size is large between the grains of the seed and accounts more important. "I use for wings, legs and sometimes other parts of the animal.

Therefore, in the next section, I will write about the techniques basic departure.

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Marcel Vigh
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