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Can anyone give me information on hot, you can get these stones without damage?

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Another pink semi-precious stone that displays absolute beauty and refinement rhodochrosite. It has a color from a translucent to opaque pink, which is often banding patterns that have areas or layers of white, and also comes with transparency goes from pink to dark red.

Sometimes, also known as called an "Inca rose" due to the Rhodochrosite stalagmite found in Peru, Inca silver mines that date back to the 13th century. Large rhodochrosite deposits in San Luis, Argentina. The semi-precious stones can also be noted that the United States and Canada.

Rare or pure form of Rhodochrosite, has a color, red roses in general, however, the impure samples may also appear in shades of Pink is pale brown. It has a white streak similar to another pink semi-precious stone rose quartz. Its hardness can vary between 3.5 and 4. The cleavage of this stone is a typical division of rhombohedral carbonate in three directions. In addition, the twinning of the crystal is usually present. Manganese is the element which causes the appearance of light dark stripes.

Rhodochrosite is considered a very loving stone. This stone is supposed to help integration and the success of a combination of natural and spiritual energies which in turn stimulates the love and the passion. Would also the possibility of opening our hearts, and depression to facilitate and encourage a person to Outlook cheerful and positive.

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