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How do I put an eyelet in a scrapbook page?

I have tons of eyelets, how could I put one on a page without a regulator?

Make a hole in your document, either with a pin or an awl. Place the bottom of the loop on paper, and Summit on top of page (duh, I know), then use a hammer to gently tap the pieces. It will take some practice to be fair, so start with leftovers. Enjoy!

Scrapbooking how to use eyelets on your layout

Love the look of eyelets on scrapbooking pages, but do not know not how together without ripping or tearing your page layout? Attaching an eyelet to a scrapbooking page is not difficult if you follow some precautions to not only protect your page but also your work space and a table. Once you are familiar with loops of your albums, you surprised how many ways can used to highlight and improve their designs.

Scrapbooking Tools Eyelet

Before you begin, you need to gather some tools to fix eyelets. First, you need a small hammer. You can find small specially designed for scrapbooking in your local craft store.

You need an eyelet setter. Scrapbooking Manufacturers now make a variety of those who develop eyes. The best way to choose is to see what others with your next scrapbooking crop. Make sure the controller is the right size for your buttonhole. Carnations come in 3 sizes.

Make sure that the composer can accommodate the size of your choice to your page.

A stroke on a hole is another essential tool to set eyelets. This is different than the blows that may have holes used at school or in an office. A stroke is everywhere is not limited to drilling holes in the sides of a document. It can put a hole in the entire page instead.

To protect your work surface, you need a cutting mat self-healing. When you touch your eyes on the page, you can easily damage wood, laminates and glass tables, if you do not have a hard surface that can withstand teeth between the paper and the table.

You can choose to buy a mounting kit eyelet scrapbooking store. These come with a hammer, drill anywhere and composer carnation. Some also come with a small base cup self-healing.

How to Add Eyelets Scrapbooking

To begin, use a pencil to take lightly the area of the page where you want buttonhole. The use of any punch to make a small hole. The coup will be a little bit at one end that cuts the hole in the paper. Place on paper, and use the hammer to give the other end of the punch a firm touch.

Keep your eyes to the rounded edges of color up and toward you. Insert it through the hole in the paper. Carefully turn the page over his belly. Place the eyelet setting tool in the eyes, and give the tool Final few clicks with your hammer.

Time on your page, and the eye is due to its layout to the place where I wanted. Use eyelets as you would any scrapbooking embellishment. They work well on the strip bar or chain on a page and attach charms. Try an eyelet in the title of the About page of words like "i" and "j" Once you start using on your scrapbook page layouts eyes, you're sure to find many of them use.

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