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Out of black ink, they need temporarily default color ink for my HP Photosmart C4250?

My printer is completely out of black ink and I can not get to a store to buy black ink before they close. I need to print shipping labels online through USPS tonight, but no labels appear in black and white. Is it possible to configure the printer to print only the color cartridge, even for black photos / documents? Everything is done by the color and scale Gray is "Off" but as the shipping label is shown in black, the printer is still trying to print using the black cartridge (which the paper comes out blank.) I would wear a dark blue-brown or dark brown. Thank you.

If you set the only color that does not matter if the original color is black, combines all colors have to do a kind of black. If not print in color set then only have to work black.

Safe money on ink cartridges

Then, you must follow some tips that can help chip in the cartridge last longer long.

Ink cartridges can be expensive

To make it more economical and affordable, it is necessary to follow certain strategies that can help you reduce your monthly expenses for the purchase of cartridges Ink for regular use.

Top 10 Tips to effectively use your printer cartridge last longer

1. Determine your target print

Before printing a part any text or graphics, to determine their relevance and usefulness so that you do not have time not print things that can not be very useful.

2. color printing as required

If you want your refill in the longer term, then use color printing only when necessary. Otherwise, the general purpose and regular, it is more prudent to use printing in black and white helps save your money on the extras.
3. Avoid extreme temperatures

extremes Temperature can affect the ink cartridges for the printer. By So, make sure the temperatures are not exposed to heat or cold to ensure lasting performance.

4. Select the correct printer configuration

If you have documents that have not been used for the presentation, a project to install the printer must serve the purpose for all documents general.

5. Regular use of the printer

We need to use the printer on a regularly so that there less chance of drying ink printer with ease. Try printing a small piece of text to times.

6. Text Print graphics

If you want to print documents for reference purposes clear, you can print only the text and the key question is necessary. Avoid imaging graphics or colors if you do not serve this purpose.

7. Use more often Survey

preview function is a useful feature that can help give an overview of how the document will look like after printing. It can help adjust the spaces and organize things before meeting the final result.

8. Stopping the printer in the mode of operation

Never stop the printer in the middle until you have completed the task, the cartridge can still be moving. This will force the print head to stop at a specific location where you stopped the process and may cause ink leakage too.

9. Install a good software

Lot ink saving software available online that can be used to reduce consumption of printer ink. Some of them use less ink, even when used for printing resolution.

10. Do not turn the printer when

If you use the printer often, avoid close up completely it had completed its work. Otherwise, it can cause unnecessary ink dry in the process each time you turn a small amount of ink used.

By following these tips, small but effective guarantee that the refilled ink cartridge lasts longer.

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