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Set Retired

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How does a career in the army you have set for the afterlife in the role of civilians?

My friend has joined as the probabilities of the Royal Navy and left after five years (ISH), a qualified computer technician, and is making a mint performing exactly what he was in the Navy. I want to join as an officer in the army, preferably infantry regiment or another line below. The men in these papers to learn a trade or is it just for the engineering / Logisitcs body, etc? The only jurisdiction is that paragraphs or security guards, etc. learn "how combat '? So what is the difference between officers and soldiers? It looks much more ex-captains to make a living as a plumber ... What do when they leave? Finally, if you are an agent, you have the right to continue using the title of a Once they are released? We receive from time to time our neighbors e-mail, addressed to "Great MacWillis", though he retired ten years? Thank you!

You do not learn a trade, but will a valuable management experience as an officer, any branch you join. Furthermore, the more we advance, the more contacts you make in the industry.

I always thought that the sun and the movements of the moon affect fish and wildlife activity. The Internet search will find many products offered displays the best fishing time for a given day. Some of them seem pretty generic, and often does not really seem consistent with the results in real time. A long-time guide and professional fisherman Fishing Joe Bucher recorded statistics and activity for many years. We reviewing the information provided in many of these products.

It is often reflected on the validity of such factors as the full moon, the moon black, and major and minor periods of activity. He wondered if any of this information could actually be validated and also wondered if the Solunar Theory is a valuable tool to determine the best day and time to go fishing.

In 1976, when Joe decides to become a fishing guide on time, he began to document the daily catch and fishing success Solunar forecasts. He was then able to use data catch that included hundreds of Muskies gold and thousands of low and on a daily, monthly and annual basis. Data are cross-referenced the activity levels of some of the Solunar Tables and learned a lot about how to determine the best time to go fishing.

One conclusion is immediately come to mind. His analysis convinced him that some of the traditional solar, lunar criteria was too often have no validity. He concluded that most published tables Solunar offered no real correlation success and fishing at this time decided to put these theories in the background.

Over time, it can no longer ignore this popular theory. Why do you keep persisting it? Because I really discovered that there was actually a solar and lunar effect on the activity of certain fish. Your discovery worked so well that it is difficult to believe at first. Your daily logbook had surely disputed the commonly accepted estimates, but just as surely is the indisputable proof that here there is no solar and lunar factors that were worthy of greater attention.

He has gained a new respect from solar energy and provides the theories of the moon. He admits he was one of disbelief Total to be completely satisfied. In fact, now that he can not predict the most likely daily, monthly and yearly although larger fish are more likely to be captured. He discovered that his own predictions about the best time to go fishing were correct in almost every time!

He concluded that the real secret to determine the actual daily solar influence of the moon was nothing but watch as the sun and moon rises and sets on a 24-hours basis. The response to the use of these data could be better used to determine the minute when the sun came out and went to down, and when the moon rose and fell each day. 21 years fishing log revealed without question that the fish are active during a 90-minute window, each of the four daily influences.

Unfortunately, many of the current literature does not make their predictions based on these four critical factors increase sun, sunset, moonrise and moon set.

This is certainly no secret that movements of the feeding fish and game accelerated during dawn and dusk. This correlates with the sunrise and sunset. Moonrise and everything is a little more complicated with the key in the property as can often occur at noon or midnight.

Another fact that their records were selected to the expected frequency of big fish catches during the peak moon phases of full moon and new. Muskies Much bigger, gold, and bass were taken from the day of the schedule of both full or new (dark) peak of the moon, and continued for a period of three to five days later. This suggests that if the peak of the full moon is June 10, June 10 to 15 have great potential for trophies.

He concluded that must plan their fishing trips during the peak of the autumn full moon or new. So you want to be your favorite spots in the day and Big Fish instead determined by the sun and moon.

He also discovered that you should consider another factor. This would influence caused by changes in local climate. Once each time a significant change occurs during ascent or all of each day, the sun or the moon and for a maximum monthly amount of the moon, he hoped that the capture Big Fish. Granting a right violent summer storm at sunset, and just before moonrise during the new moon and feel comfortable Muskies will take some of the largest or the biggest catch of walleye Lunker.

His final conclusion is now the sunrise and sunset and the impact of the moon is much more than sun per day, or position of the moon. It is, without exception, the largest daily a triggering factor of both fish and game. Monthly peaks in both the full and new moon are a secondary factor definitely worth considering.

When fish of all sizes feed often due to a long streak of bad local weather conditions, this little space of three to four days immediately after the actual moon peaks, full or new, may be the only time the largest fish of any species is very vulnerable. Fishing during the daily rise or sunset and moon during these phases of the moon Main monthly indicators should be their priority for their organization fishing time.

Tom Henricks is a retired fishing captain and publishes Fishing Lake Erie News and information at his website that can be found at


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