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How do I get my sewing machine Singer sewing traditional end of the fabric as scarves?

To prevent the fabric from fraying. If you look at the edges of the hair with a scarf, for example, you will notice that the board is exactly on the top and bottom of the canvas. Is this a parameter on this machine, I: Traditional singer sewing machine.

If you still have the foot attachment that came with your machine, see if you have one foot "rolled-hem. It will be a little ornament that used to wrap the fabric tight and regularly (if you use your manual have.) A little experimentation with the scrap fabric you can gain an edge finely worked.

The importance of a fashion accessory

For many people, the art of sewing is an art long since disappeared, it is more necessary. By going to retail stores offer clothing and many other materials we need, we find that there is no need sit down with our needle and thread - or at our sewing machine - and create a piece that can be obtained easily at a fraction of the time. But for others, sewing is a skill and a hobby that will never give up what they can save money and to instill your own style and creativity in each piece they make. And for those people who share sewing accessory right at all times is necessary for the success and enjoyment.

There are many of fabric stores today that offer everything you need to complete his latest sewing project - miles and miles of fabric and every tool imaginable. Course advantage of these stores is useful and competent to help you find everything you need. To start and finish with your project's success, however, you must know what sewing accessory is integral to the process.

For those who sew by hand sewing that is needed is different if they were sewing machine. Besides the hardware, hand sewn items require a needle and a variety of colors base that match the fabric. Additionally, fabric scissors, a ruler and a thimble are all useful tools. For those who sew by machine, the needle Sewing is always a necessary accessory. Course thread, scissors and a ruler are also needed.

In any case, for the most part, a model is by far the most important sewing accessories necessary to do the job well done. A model serves as a model to help you design and implement project. A well-chosen sewing accessory will put you out for a good result.

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