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What make of sewing machine would you recommend? (UK)?

I am looking for a machine which can handle most fabrics, is reliable, and has a variety of stitches, including stretch-stitch and possibly some embroidery stitches.

Are Brother ones reliable, or would you go for another make?

What price bracket would guarantee a good machine which will last and not break the bank?

Thank you for your advice.

The first thing you need to do is read this:

While originally written with sewists in the USA in mind, it is applicable here too.

Make a list of all the things you want to make, and the fabrics you want the machine to handle. Make a list of the features you think you would like, and why... Then take your list along to the local sewing machine emporium and talk to a service and repair engineer. Ask about pre-loved machines as well as new ones.

What I look for in a machine may be different from what you are looking for, as I sew professionally, but my list may help you to start thinking about what you want:


Impeccable straight stitches
excellent zigzag and 3 step zigzag
faultless buttonholes in a variety of styles
perfect blind hemming, with an adjustable blind hem foot
multiple needle positions
beautiful appliqué stitches that I can adjust for length and width
a real eyelet facility (NOT the embroidered decorative type, but a proper eyelet plate that makes eyelets fit for lacing corsets!)
variable foot pressure
the ability to sew through many layers of tough cloth

Additional attachments I cannot manage without:
Roller foot for leather and vinyl
walking foot for piled fabrics and stripes/checks

Everything else is a bonus. In order to get all I wanted, I needed to buy a top of the line electronic (but not an embroidery) machine, and ended up getting all sorts of stuff I rarely use (but which can be fun!)

The fabrics I need to sew, and the things the machine has to cope with:
Curtain fabric
polar fleece
silk chiffon
beaded fringing
Velcro (notorious stuff, this!)
leather (dressmaking weight - you need a special machine for anything heavier)
jersey and knit fabrics
velvet and other piled fabrics
curtain tape
heavy duty zips

If you want to sew stuff like curtains, jeans, and regular dressmaking, you'll need a machine with a lot of the capabilities I mention. Take some fabrics along to the shop to try the machines on. Try a goodly few.

Things I do NOT want to bother with:

Automatic needle threaders: I've only come across one built in threader that works, on my Bernina overlocker, and I can usually do it as quick without!
Stretch stitches: you'll get them anyway, but if you are doing a lot of stretch and knit stuff, you'll do better to save up and buy an overlocker as well: sewing machine stretch stitches aren't very stretchy, are hard and lumpy because of the amount of thread used, and are very slow. Most of the time you will get on better and faster using a narrow zigzag for the seam and a wider zigzag or 3 step zigzag to neaten off the edges.

On machine makes:

I don't rate Brother sewing machines very highly, though they do now make some excellent overlockers and industrial machines. They have a reputation for cramming lots of features into a small, cheap machine, and they are not terribly robust.

For a mid price machine (round the £500 mark) that will last you well, look at some of the simpler Husqvarna machines (but not the Huskystar, which are a cheaper range and not quite as wonderful), the Bernina 1008 mechanical machine (limited buttonhole styles, but otherwise brilliant - I have and love a 1005, which is an older model with a lesser range of stitches), and Pfaff. I've never met a Janome I liked, though some folk swear by them.

Other decent mid range machines to look at are Toyota, Elna, Frister & Rossman.

One of the most popular entertainment of the past and this is going to sew. creativity of a person with virtually no limits when it comes to creating various fabric items using different methods of sewing. Of course, a tool that will allow savings time and the ability to produce designs became more complex sewing machine (and sometimes the serger). Since the 1800s, of course, that took place until later in the early mechanical 70s to today, two other types of sewing machines, including electronic and computer evolved into what is best when looking to buy sewing machines for sale.

Many brands of sewing machines available for today's consumer. So there are many who participate rookie, elections could almost make your head spin. It is useful to have knowledge a little more about exactly what you need a sewing machine. Given that prices vary between hundreds of thousands of dollars and will be useful for exactly the characteristics that are important.

People in the United States, when asked about the brands of sewing machines often say names such as Singer and his brother. These two brands are probably the best known among ordinary people are not very involved in sewing. However, those who have more experience in this area has been heard from other sewing machines especially in Europe. Other brands may not have heard include Janome, Bernini, Juki, Viking, Pfaff, simplicity and a few others. In fact, many users are familiar with sewing machine swear by the machines manufactured in Europe. Others, such as different brands.

However, it is necessary to sit and watch exactly what is going to use the sewing machine. Think about the different projects submit. You can read books at the bookstore or library to understand exactly what might be needed. You can talk with friends who have more experience with you sew. In general, many people have different opinions, but when you look for consensus among all members, will help make a collective decision of the knowledge of the characteristics you need.

You probably should consider the exact you will use your sewing machine too. Unless you have tons of money, there is no sense in the delivery of thousands of dollars at the beginning of the line of sewing machine for sale when you use only a couple of times this year. On the other hand, if you know you will certainly be basics sewing.

Of course, you have to live with the long-term purchase could be good for you for taking the time to further study absorbing as much information as possible about all the advantages and disadvantages of using a sewing machine. This time to invest, without doubt, will bear fruit in the long run by allowing it to acquire the right sewing machine that fits your schedule.

Follow these links to find various sewing machines for sale Take a look at one of the Bernina sewing machines for sale also at the site.


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