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Can anyone share a sewing pattern to make a hot foot?

I am looking for a pattern to sew a foot warmer that looks like a bit like a giant shoe for both feet. The base is essentially a Cushion padded on the top flap is dragging its feet on the ground to keep warm. That That vi was woolen cloth was bought in a sale of handicrafts. I appreciate any suggestions!

Yes, I thought you meant when I saw your question. It is possible I can find this model of simplicity. They have great reasons crafts section. Unless you really need detailed instructions, however, will very easy to do for yourself. Determine an appropriate size for the whole and cut pieces of the pad, with or without zippers choice. Then we measure to see how much fabric you need to cover the feet of their own. Check the length and width. Add a little seam. Make an edge length of the end of the pad. The other end should be the time needed to cover their feet. Hem the edge longer. The other three sides are sewn into the cushion. Then sew the center have a place for each foot. Complete your cushion cover, add the cushion, and enjoy.

Use leftover fabric Creative

If youâ € ™ re finding yourself with many leftover pieces of fabric from previous projects and donâ € ™ t sure what to do with them then here is a creative idea on how to use them. Rather than let them sit and collect dust somewhere in the closet or in your sewing room to be used to create a set € ™ â € ~ Neva piece of cloth you can cut a pattern of your choice.
Of course the fabrics have been prewashed and cut into pieces the size of the patch. The size of the plates depends the size of the finished product. For example, to create a scarf if youâ € ™ ll want your patches to be small enough for display on the scarf. If you want to sew a jacket, patches could be a bit bigger. If the fabric has a pattern on love, you can cut a piece of tissue that specific area and the strategic use of their reason. You can also cut the patches in the shape you want, you can mix and match patterns, fabrics and colors. Sew the patches and, as you would in a quilt, creating a â € ~ Neva € ™ cloth. Once youâ € ™ ve got enough patches sewn together and the new tissue is large enough, ask your pattern and cut them out. Once youâ € ™ ve done that youâ € ™ ll want to re-secure the seams you just cut. Then, finish sewing the pattern, as usual
 This idea works best for fashion accessories such as vests, scarves, handbags and belts - but let your imagination guide you!
 One of my projects of all time favorite boat Iâ € ™ ve never had a â € ~ patch work Vest. this jacket is so colorful, funky and much more original! It was the first piece of patch-work that I created and remains my favorite today!

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Sonia Marie has been involved with crafts for 27 years. She is passionate about using patchwork to create wild, funky and colorful fashion accessories. She also mixes beads and crocheting to create unique necklaces and bracelets. She believes that beautiful handmade crafts should be shown to the world and that an online presence is a must to achieve this. You can view her informative site at


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