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I have no idea how to thread the bottom of the bobbin on my sewing machine?

There is already a coil in the background. Wire is arranged in the top and through the needle and what does not. But I have no idea what to do with the wire of the base. Where I can say that if you take the needle and put in the seam of material, I am every time I turn on the sewing machine and try, only there are holes in the fabric, the thread remains. I can use a sewing machine is compact if different.

Remove the coil and see if the wires are about. Failure to take the needle and thread to attach the coil. The next step would be for a party to the top when the can is full. Pull the large button on the side of the machine to disconnect from the seam and puts in the way of the realization of the coil. When the can is full, automatically stops and press the big button back up, re-thread you needle. Hold the needle and thread the needle down in the bobbin and to pull the cord. (When you put coil threaded support Make sure the cable is moved from left to right.)

Singer 201 - Best sewing machine ever made

During the "glory" days of Singer Sewing Machines, Singer produced the model 201 From the 1930s at least the 1950s. It was his best (and expensive) machine. Thousands of these machines were produced - and most of them even finer sewing and stronger today than it was during its production.

Search the Singer 201 you will find more than one reference stating that the 201 is the best sewing machine Singer ever made. If the authority can not say the same thing (I have not tested all the machines Singer ever been done!), I have not found anything of the 201 let me disagree with this statement.

I really appreciate good mechanical and electronic devices. I like old clocks and Hammond organs, tube amps and vintage guitars, vintage sports cars, gizmos and gadgets like that. 10 years ago (an attack in the mid-life crisis) I bought a used 944 Porsche. When I sit in the Singer 201 and press the pedal gives me a feeling very similar to that experienced when driving the road to the Porsche speed too fast - the feeling of soft and comfortable creation of machines to perfection.

I compare a Porsche - and I have seen others to compare it to driving a Ferrari!

Singer produced at least four different versions of 201:

201-1 - Version pedal
201-2 - Pot gear motor
201-3 - outboard motor and belt drive
201-4 - crank (original factory no later conversion)

The 201 is a sturdy and heavy - not a laptop at all! This is not a sports car slim and sexy - is huge, with Class luxury sedan and touring! Built to last - but not the maintenance necessary to perform their best. You will need oil grease regularly and as the gears from time to time. You can loosen the circular plate in silver on the back of the machine to reveal the gears and points lubrication. Regular use of fat speed Singer sewing machine (no oil!). Use sewing machine oil on Recommended lubrication points. This machine uses rotary hook system Class 66 Bobbin (means very little vibration, high quality point and easily find the coils.)

The machine is easy to thread, and easy to use. The fact that some of these machines are 80 years and still outsewing modern machines a point of saying - probably last at least 80 years! Stay well and continue to sew - and, you or me without a doubt!

One reason the machine is so easy which is to use a straight stitch only machine. A single point ... but a point of beautiful and perfect right! You will not find yourself "fighting" you can be 201 the battle with low-end machines, plastic - the fight against less time means less time fixing problems and redo and less frustration!

Although the machine is only a single point, Singer and other manufacturers made a number of accessories that offer a world of possibilities - freeform embroidery, Carnations, zig-zag blindhemming - more or less what you want from a sewing machine quality is easily accessible.

Best of all, prices tend to be very low (Supply and demand - The singer made a lot of these machines!). Often, you'll pay much less than if it a plastic that can import deserved to die a death after a few weeks or months of sporadic fashion - and get a official sewing all my life.

How does the singer 201? Well, think back to the Porsche / Ferrari analogy - except the price down below $ 100! This machine purrs like the well-designed piece of machinery that is. He feels "good if you know what I mean. This machine will not no doubt on your "keeper" list.

Curious - About Singer 201 in action!

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Joey Robichaux rides the System's Consultant Road Warrior circuit and also operates the popular free sheet music website, "Free Sheet Music Downloads" at; he collects vintage sewing machines and reviews them at Sewing Machines and Sewing Projects.


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