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followed all the instructions on how to put the needle and bobbin. But instead of the hand to catch the bobbin thread when you use top thread tail and still does not connect and pull the bobbin thread, may be the calendar needs to be adjusted. Http: / / / Sewing_Machine_Repair / Sewing 20Machine%%% 20Hook 20Timing.htm

A brief history of industrial sewing machine

Industrial sewing machines originated in England, France and the United States. Many countries can claim to have a hand in developing one of the most vital pieces of equipment used in the world. Truth is that many countries do not all play a role in the promotion of industrial sewing machines. The first patent for a sewing machine industry was in 1790 by a man named Thomas. This machine sewing leather and fabric would be sewn. Like many first industrial sewing machines that have taken this machine to copy the action the man's arm for sewing. No was not until 1807, when a new innovation by two Englishmen, William and Edward Chapman was a machine Industrial sewing with the needle's eye of the needle at the bottom and not on top.

Industrial sewing machines are becoming so good in Work has begun to require fewer people in factories where industrial sewing machines were used. A patent by the French production, Bartheleémy Thimmonier, increasing the French army uniform. Therefore over 160 suits are not required to be rebels destroying all the machines and nearly kill Thimmonier in the process. The patent has been produced has an industrial sewing machine cross stitch Using a curved needle.

In 1834, American Walter Hunt created an industrial sewing machine that produced a closed point below machine a second thread. Hunt is also attributed the invention of the safety pin. This conception of industrial sewing machine has never been patented, however. Down to an American colleague Elias Howe received a credit for the invention of the sewing machine. In 1846, he has designed and patented a machine that, when a friend helped him financially in order to concentrate all its efforts on industrial sewing machine. Howe tried to market his machine in England but on arrival back in the United States in 1849, he realized that his team had been copied by others. He requested financial support and the companies that took his copy ideas before the courts. It was not until 1854 that won his trial, which was a milestone in the history of patent law.

Howe's main competitor in your machines was a man named Isaac M. Singer Design Industrial Singer sewing machine received a patent in 1851. The main difference between this machine and other sewing machines industry is that his arm was hanging on a flat surface and decreased the needle down. This allowed any sewing direction.

With so many patents have been issued for industrial sewing machines in the 1850s, Howe and Singer decided to create a patent "pool" with other two manufacturers. Since the 1860s when civil war erupted in the production of large orders, uniforms civil war were necessary. This has led to the demand for industrial sewing machines and lead to Howe and Singer, becoming the first millionaire inventors.

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