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Has anyone cut hair with scissors rattling?

I think my bangs cut with pinking shears to see what the effect. If you do not know what are scissors bite ... used in sewing scissors with a zig-zag of the road. Has anyone experienced this?

If you try this, you need someone to make sure it would have to take the social fringe or they call in England, "flat." You should also make sure they are sharp, not always the case with noise scissors. The depth of cut varies, so choose a pair of depth or look bad cut!

Scrapbooking materials - 4 things scrapbookers must have

Scrapbooking is one between the supporters has led the U.S. into a frenzy. From simple to strip and crop images, album of madness went to cover in depth and more sophisticated.

Today, you have not need papers for dye cut and paste graphics to decorate. People do not even have the patience to attract more. In addition, few them go on their own albums to sew.

Now, white papers and make people buy your souvenirs to start your hobby. decoration stickers Collect good craft store and close monitoring and madness. Most of them come with great looking scrapbooks in this way.

For newcomers in the field of scrapbooking, the basic tools still the best. Starting with the old stuff to join and decoration, would an idea of the sensation and feel of your album to be. Although all items available will save time in the structuring of a scrapbook, however, are not aware of what they buy and how to compile when you have finished join to develop the hobby.

To begin, following requirements: a few pre must have with them.

1. Scrapbook paper

None could begin to resemble the passion of scrapbooking when they have an album of regular inflammation. Several albums are available in white craft store to attend to their needs and help you get started.

You can start with pieces of recycled paper, articles, documents, construction paper or color illustrations that could be designed with your creative ideas. It would be a good start for not giving the uniform appearance all your pages. You can also do a cover, a point of all pages inside the covers.

2. Scissors

Your toolbox should include elements that a good pair of scissors, without an album that is not possible. Perhaps one of the main tools for cutting and shaping the graphics so they can be designed in a constructive manner.

Scissors cut into shapes other than the single line could also buy your cuttings to give a look varied. These scissors are similar to those pinking shears used in sewing. shears are handy in the reduction of almost all graphics and decorative forms of your theme.

3. The tables and knives

Sometimes the court is required to do things at home. Some cuts are not possible with scissors. When using a cutter, which would require a cutting board so that the paper below are safe. A cutting board would ensure that your table does not cut the lines on its surface. In addition, a cutting board that guides the courage of paper right in line gain time to work with sketches and a ruler. When precise paper cutting is necessary, especially when the lengths are mentioned, cutting boards would be helpful if the measures they have on them.

4. Sticky Stuff

This includes fundamental aspects of the hobby of scrapbooking. People often use the glue gun when the decorative elements are large, such as precious stones or buttons. If paper you could do on a regular basis or paste and glue. In such cases, glue gun and a crumpled paper would look bulky.

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