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Currently, I have tape wrapped around my thumb after cutting with a kitchen knife (accidentally). I have used, or used by another person in the past: feminine layers of paper tape-shirt, my own hand-stitched the wound closed with the child to sew, a hot / cold Picnic purse full of clean socks and tied with a bungee cord

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Sew Your Own Christmas Decorations

As for making your own advent calendar can be hung on the wall and fill with their own special gifts for children? What to do his own Christmas stocking to hang by the fireplace, or make your own gift bags for all the gifts Christmas? In this article I to show how easy it is to sew those at home, and at a fraction of the price paid in stores.

Advent Calendar

This Advent calendar is actually a rectangle of material with 25 pockets sewn in (all numbered, course) that can be hung on the wall and fill special gifts and sweets for children.

Fabrics Notions appropriate and

For the fabric of music is required something thick enough to withstand the weight of the item to put in their pockets.

In fact, I was recommended by the support, and pockets for numbers 1 to 25 (indicating the countdown to Christmas). The feeling is that the Beauty is not necessary that the bottom because it does not fray. Try to get 3 different colors - green, for example the back pockets red and white figures.

We also need 2 pieces of thick wood for the top and bottom of the pole and some string or rope suspension.

How much to buy fabric

For the lining fabric and have one piece, 50 "high and 22 cm wide. This allows a "3 times more than the bottom edge of its timber. If your timber is more than that, then you need to get more cloth.

Each bag is "4 squares, and we have 25 of them. You will have 20 '28.

We will allow 3 "square for each letter. You 15" by 15 ". For model numbers, see Author Resource Box at the end of this article.

Note that these measures do not feel hem, however, if you decide to use requiring a different fabric hems, then you must add a seam allowance, both height and width.


For preparatory work, all we need to pin or tailor's chalk, a ruler, the number of models and scissors. There is no mandatory format!

First, cut the 25 pockets. You can use a ruler and tailor's chalk to mark the guidelines for cutting. If you do not tailor's chalk white crayon will do! The pockets are 4 "by 4".

Now, cut and mark your serial number for the fabric and cut.

To put the numbers pockets can make a point of the machine, hand sewing, or craft glue.

Place the lining fabric on a table and check their Bags will be included using pins or tailors chalk. We have 4 pockets wide, and 6 down, and the pocket number 25 itself at the bottom (though please not to change this regime, if you wish).

Each bag has a 2 "gap around it. So, the first bag is 5" the top of the fabric (remember that allowed 3 "for the wooden hook to go through) and 2" from the left. The bag of the day, 2 "forward. To see a diagram of this design, see the author resource box.

Pin in place, then close the machine along the left, bottom and right.

Cut pieces of wood so that one is slightly shorter than its width (for the bottom hem, so that he can understand), and a little more time (say 1 / 2 "on each side). Drill small holes at each end of this room and what you can through your wire hanging chain or rope.

Once all the pockets are together, use your sewing machine to hem the top and bottom, then insert your wood. You can seal the edges of the hem at the bottom so likely out of the woods. You can do this by hand.

Now, place the rope through the holes in the Superior wood and hang up. And do not forget to fill with goodies!

Gift Bag

There is very easy to make a Christmas gift bag for fun with friends and family, and is reusable!

Fabrics Notions appropriate and

For the bag is heavy enough to need something she can sustain itself without any kind of gifts to this topic. Again, I recommend feeling. Feeling is that beauty is not necessary that the hem does not fray.

If you want to decorate the cloth bag with cuts in Christmas shapes, you can use any fabric you want (again, feel is good for that.) For a model cut Christmas, see box Resource author at the end of this article.

How much to buy fabric

The bag measures 8 inches in diameter and 12 inches tall, and you'll need two pieces of fabric for the sides, and a piece of 3 "wide by 24" long the side. Adding a margin of half-inch seam, we need a piece of fabric 13 inches by 24 inches.

El Boss

To make your profile, you only need a sheet of paper, a ruler and compass (or something circular with a diameter 8 "and one with a diameter 4").

Draw a square on paper 8 "8". Now, put an X every 2 "on the line top of the site. Place the compass to the middle (in 4 ') and expand so that is exactly one of the outer edges. Now, use your compass to draw a half circle from one side to another. Then remove the compass so that is exactly one of the 2 "mark, and to draw a half circle from one side to another. Cut the half and now has a handful of the bag!

Do not cut out yet! We still add the seam of the left and right and down so that we can put the side piece that will join the two larger pieces together.

Draw a line ½ "from each side left and right on the merits. This is your template for cutting. To see a diagram of this topic, see the box Contact author at the end of this article.

Fold the bag fabric in half, place against place. PIN in your handbag template and cut them out.

Now fold the fabric remains flat and cut along a rectangle 24 "by 4" (allowing a ½ "seam or side).


When you go to decorate your bag with cutouts of Christmas, do it now before assembling the bag. The cuts can be sewn, hand sewn, or a craft stick.

For the bag, onto the long rectangular piece of fabric, and with the right sides together, pin the front of the bag. Thing. Now place the back of the bag along the edge of other (cons location location) and sewing.

Then turn right, and you're done!

Christmas Down

House Christmas stockings can be personalized for each family member - Why do not involve children in making and decorate!

Fabrics Notions appropriate and

The sky is the limit for stocking stuffers. Some fine fabrics, including corduroy and velvet, faux fur, wool and cotton gingham and prints. A search through the remains of containers, or just check all the red cloth as a local fabric store.

You can also get a fake white fur trim at the top of the media, and some divisions of fabrics for Christmas decoration for the average.

How beautiful it is, a difference adjustment on behalf of each child in this regard.

How much to buy fabric

The average is essentially a rectangle 6 "by 14" square and a 6 "by 6". You need two of these for each plantation, so that, including a seam ½ ", you need a piece of fabric 14" by 15 "half.

You'll also need something corresponding to braid for hanging storage, or you can make a detour to the excess fabric.


To make your model, you only need a piece of paper, a ruler and a little circular cut corners. (To see a diagram of this model, see the author resource box at the end of this article.)

Draw a rectangle in document 15 "long by 7 wide. Now, draw a little square the lower left rectangle that goes up to 6 ½ and 7" and then rejoin the rectangle.

You should now have a shape that resembles a capital L. rear Now all you have to do is to round toes and heel of his socks with something circular (or make a show of hands).

Structure Fold fabric place against place, and spindle population on the web. Now cut.

If you make a reduced contrast for storage, have also cut a rectangle 13 "as long you want your cut (more than half of sewing ").


If you decorate your Cups Christmas stocking or wall, do it now, before getting into the media. The cuts can be sewn, hand sewn or attached with Glue Art.

The same goes for the contrast adjustment. Everything you ant to know what to do before sewing to the press.

To average take both parts of the population (right side) and sew up one side around the top of the other side. If you are not installing a contrast to crop, rotate on its top edge and the pin, and remember to insert the mesh or fabric to the suspension before sewing the hem.

If you use a contrasting cut, turn the storage inside so that the right side is facing you.

Sew the seat next to the ends so they now have a circle fabric. Put your place Low in the upper right side facing the inside half. Align the top of the compensation to the upper half, and pin up.

Take your braid or fabric support, and insert it anywhere between the seat and ends with the seeding Open level with the top of the seat and storage. Now, sew around the entire upper half. Put the filling into the right path, and you're done!

About the Author

Diane Ellis has been sewing since she was very young and got her first sewing machine at 6 years old (albeit a miniature one!). She sews purely for friends and family, and enjoys making her own patterns. She is the co-author of the website where you'll find other great free patterns and templates for Christmas Gift ideas. Also, for a limited time, you can sign up for a free 6 part sewing course called Easy Fun Sewing Projects.


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