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Can you recommend a book on decorating with found objects / collections screen that is not shabby chic?

I have couple small collections, and I like to discover things and editing / transformation into something new. I am looking for books, etc to give me inspiration, but sometimes I get the instructions. However, most books on decorating ideas that discuss the use of found / vintage fabrics, displaying collections, or use of antiques and flea market find a shabby chic style. For example make crowns of tea cups and dishes, and doing things the old mats. This style is no book that has ideas for decorating would appeal to me and my own lines of plus or minus style of clutter that still uses found objects / what / period antiques and is trace? When I see a box with peeling paint, My instinct tells me that the repair does not, crackle coat and a hat on his head. I can not find something, no matter how difficult I look.

Tips for using furniture home decor

Furniture-style cottage is no longer limited to the city and houses more. This style has found its way into the homes of people in the city of fashion and hip. Often called the "Shabby Chic" this type of development is becoming the new simply because the trend of its appeal and the Belle Epoque. Many people love the look shabby chic household items that are home a little Parisian atmosphere. Any case of drawers, cupboards, tables, chairs, book and beds that look like they came from a flea market somewhere Europe. Another great thing about cottage style furniture is the romantic atmosphere gives you a place. They are also very classic pieces never go out style.

Most of the "shabby chic" furniture is painted white or suffered detachment Nice feel worn, the elderly. The style is a bit negligent acts very exciting about the same light that is perfect for people who are very easygoing and relaxed. So what makes something "shabby chic? Very often, the use of bright colors and comfortable fabrics that makes it expensive" shabby chic. Each piece is pleasing to the eye and ignite a sense of nostalgia, vintage real or just made to look like one.

Another attraction of having cottage style furniture is the fact that costs as much as modern furniture trying to do. You can simply go to a local flea market or used shop furniture and you can find some really good songs. Also can renew your antique furniture to make them "shabby chic. For example, you can take an old table you have not used in awhile and painting in a beautiful white so you can make it look distressed which is the aspect of any chic and using sandpaper on parts of it. As simple as that, you can make their own cottage style furniture without spending a penny. But if you uncomfortable with these things, there are many sites that specialize in this type of furniture and offer good quality material. Most of the time, find New furniture has been made to look vintage and then there are those who offer items from flea markets have been renovated by the vendors themselves. These items can be sold at affordable prices, but the former may charge more superior.

You want to decorate your home with rustic furniture style? Well here are some easy tips to make, you can incorporate into your update:

1. When you think this type of furniture, we immediately think of the age of old pieces that have the heritage resource. Why not try to look at your modern furniture and see what could be done and more work to get this kind of style. Just a little paint and sanding tools.

2. Texture. Add Small things like shells of their current lighting and instantly added to the appeal of cottage style.

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