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would a funboard be able to do radicle moves?

would a funboard like the one in the link down the bottom be able to do cutbacks, snaps and stuff like that, i dont mean like aerials and stuff. Also would this board be a good board to do hard turns.
i am also getting this board to get closer to a shortboard level.
cheers for the answers

here is the link to the surfboard:

There are lots of hybrids that give you more buoyancy and more maneuverability and that are far better than these. Unfortunately, NSP, has limited designs and NO variations from their machine stamped norm, because NSP boards are Chinese factory made popouts.

There have to be thousands of surf shops in Australia and hundreds of good local shapers, who routinely crank out good quality hybrid boards that are more suitable to the break(s) that you ride, and your skill level. If you are already riding something better, and you are looking to move on to a short(er) board, look for quality, not a piece of junk like an NSP. They are GREAT for beginners, or for rental boards, but that is as far as it goes.

If you are dead set on NSP, then I have to agree with Surfammo, that the fish is a far better choice than the ones you seleceted.

Go to a good local surf shop and talk to the folks there about getting a real surfboard.

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