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What should I wear to the symphony?

I'm going with a friend to the symphony next Saturday night. I don't know a thing about it except that it's in Denver. What should I wear? I have a dress that I've worn to a couple of dances. It has a black lining that comes a few inches above my knees, and over that the whole dress has a sheer black layer that comes down to my shins. The bottom hem is trimmed with a light blue ribbon and there are light blue flowers adn rhinestones sewn on from the hip across to mid thigh. It has spaghetti straps and isn't too low cut. I'm sorry if I spent too much time describing it, but I want to be sure it's acceptable, because I can't afford to go out and buy a new dress. If I wear this one, how should I accesorize, makeup, etc?
When I wore it to the dance I wore it with strappy black high heel sandals and my only jewelery was long, simple silver rhinestone earrings.

I forgot to ask: What to do with my hair!?!?

Thanks so much!


a plain black dress might work a lil better but this sounds fine

just keep the accesories to a minimun and make up lik you usually do for a night out...with the parents

look sophistaced yet still like youreslf ...the dress sounds great

The Right Supplies For DIY Wedding Invitations

Do it yourself wedding invitations are a great way to put a personal stamp on your wedding and save money at the same time. With the cost of weddings rising every year, DIY wedding invitations can save you a significant amount that you can use for the actual ceremony or reception, where it will be much more memorable. Of course, you want invitations that are lovely and professional looking and with today's many online sources of paper, accessories and trimmings, you can make your own invites that look wonderful.

The most important element to professional looking results when making your own invitations is not skimping on the materials. You can find wonderful suppliers on the Internet that have the card stock, trims and inks you'll need to create gorgeous invitations at home that will be uniquely yours.

Card stock is the foundation for the entire wedding invitation. Be sure you purchase a high quality card stock that isn't flimsy. You can find wonderful card stocks that are pre-creased in a variety of folds, including gate folds, traditional folds and tri-folds, so that you can create a style that reflects the level of formality of your wedding. Colors will range from the more traditional whites and creams to rich jewel tones and glimmering metallics. You can either print your invitations directly on the card stock or use these as the base and overlay them with vellum or parchment paper that's printed with your words, using the colored card stock as the background.

Vellum or Parchment is thinner than card stock but should still be substantial enough that it won't tear easily and will stand up to a run through your printer. There are endless varieties of these papers. Some hand-made papers feature tiny bits of flower petals or leaves or confetti for a romantic look and feel, while others feature pale pastel tints and sheer look so that they can be used as an overlay.

Ribbon Trim is one of the most popular embellishments used on DIY wedding invitations. The endless varieties available allow you to personalize your invitations to match your wedding theme by threading a bit of ribbon through the top, bottom or side of each invitation and tying in a simple knot or an intricate bow. Grosgrain ribbon or raffia are casual, while silks and satins are more luxurious. Are your bridesmaids wearing silver gowns with the groomsmen in basic black? Consider trimming your invitations in black ribbon edged in silver.

Rubber stamps and seals make it easy to add decorative touches to your DIY wedding invitations. Shop online or visit a scrap booking store, where you'll find elaborate stamps featuring scrollwork, flowers, bells and other motifs appropriate for weddings. You might want to choose the initials for you and your fiancé and stamp and interlocking monogram at the top of your invitations in colored ink or an unusual pattern to use as a border around the edges of your invitations. You can repeat the same pattern on your reply cards and envelopes for a truly customized look.

Embossers and paper punches can also be bought at scrap booking and craft supply stores. These small, hand-held devices either punch decorative patterns through paper or create a raised, embossed pattern in the paper. Both are a lovely way to give your invitations a lovely hand-made look and feel. Try punching a decorative heart in one corner of a sheer vellum sheet to allow the darker card stock underneath show through for a nice accent. You can even emboss your envelopes!

Printer Ink will need to be ordered in plentiful amounts. Today's computer printers can print in almost any color imaginable, but it will make short work of your ink cartridges, particularly if you're making quite a few. You can either order several spare cartridges in the colors you'll need or you can take your invitations to a copier store and ask them to do the printing for you, although you will be paying more there and may be limited on the colors and fonts you can use.

Once you have the right supplies for your DIY wedding invitations, let your imagination run wild and you'll be able to send out invitations that truly reflect your personality!

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Andy West is a writer for Kardella Kreations, which offers many unique styles of invitations including
DIY wedding invitations
for do-it-yourself enthusiasts.


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