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CRICUT EXPRESSION cake decorating machine?

Does anyone know anything about this? I know it has something to do with cake decorating....but exactly how does it work?? Does it produce something eatible???

The Cricut Cake is an electronic die-cut machine. Made with food-grade stainless steal. Everything inside is washable unlike the Cricut Expression. That is mainly the difference between the two. One is for food and one is for paper. The Cricut cake can cut any food material that is soft and thin. You don't have to stick to just frosting sheets, gumpaste and fondant. You can have quesadillas in the shape of mickey mouse if you want. lol.

Any of the cricut cartridges work in all cricut machines.

You place your food on a food safe mat that you have already put crisco on. You load the mat into the machine. Pick the design you want and press cut. The machine comes with one or two cartridges and a mat.


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