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My couch has three large cushions to sit on, the one in the middle is the most used and has a dip.?

I've flipped the cushion and can't switch it with the other two on the outside. Any suggestions on how to even the couch out?
And I can't afford to just go out and buy new furniture.

Here are two fixes that can help. Remove the cushions from the sofa, all of them. Using a measuring tape measure left to right, the width of the seating space, including the wood frame edge just beneath the arm of the sofa at the edge of the area that supports the cushions. Measure the depth. Buy a sheet of 3/4 inch thick MDF ( a densely compact composite board, have it cut or cut it yourself to the dimensions of the seat, wrap any clean bedsheet around it, or find one that compliments or matches the color or one of the colors in the sofa cushions.Lay the board onto the seat, pressing it in so that is supported by the wooden frame, now put the cushions back on. Check the sofa cushion, most unzip, so you can remove the cover for cleaning and/ or buy a replacement of the foam insert, you could buy a 2 inch thick sheet of foam at a craft store and cut it to the measurement of the cushion and stuff it into the cushion so that the sheet of foam lies on top of the existing foam, as evenly as possible. This helps even out the sag, the board under the cushions adds more support as well. Its a way to make an old couch feel new again.

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