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new scrapbooker?

I have started scrapbooking and I know the hobby can get VERY expensive. Can anyone tell me 4 or 5 items that are very helpful in starting? I have the paper, scissors, double sided tape and book. What else would really help in getting going on a not so huge budget?

A paper trimmer is the first tool you need to get.

A good pen- black in a small tip. Zig is a good brand

Circle or Square punch. Corner rounder is a good suggestion.

Scrapbook chalk-Pebbe Inc. brand gives a shimmer to the color.

Small hole hand punch for making little holes for brads.

Planning a wedding on a budget

Every wife needs a theme for your wedding is the most important day of your life until this and deserves a premise that represents something significant in the minds of the bride. Some of the wedding plans the most popular wives Modern in 2009 have included the beach, garden, Winter Wonderland, rustic, country, vintage glamorous and brilliant diamonds issues. Probably not a surprise, but gathering a marriage can be expensive. In the Choose a topic early on in the wedding planning process can help to relieve some stress pre-wedding ideas creative, low cost and speed decision making when it comes to choosing the invitations, decorations, food, hospitality and party. Whatever the subject, there are ways to reduce expenses marriage, especially when it comes to sending the invitations, with a book road and a wedding cake unforgettable.

Selection of the announcement of the marriage may be, without doubt, one of the hardest decisions during the commitment period. One of the things about life in the 21st century, however, they have access to the Internet. Use the Web and its resources to reduce some of their costs. Before you send your invitations, send a "Save the date" e-vite. There are all sorts of sites online that offer free invitation service. You can customize your Save the date "e-vite to contain an image of commitment or to match your wedding invitation. When it is the actual creation of your invitations, consider reducing costs by sending invitations modern versus traditional more expensive Classifieds ink embossed cardstock, gold foil envelopes, a 5x7 photo and vellum overlay. There are now many companies and individuals who specialize in custom wedding announcements at a fraction of the cost compared to paper business most supply. When sending your invitations, instead of including a stamped RSVP information, ask guests to RSVP via a free website that you and your future spouse created together. There are many websites that offer free services RSVP.

A creative idea for a logbook for your wedding is to use a photo album with lots of empty space for guests to sign. Out of space on the pages You can also leave words of wisdom. You and Your honey can treasure this book for years because not only the names of their marriage officers, but also its most valuable pieces of advice for his remarriage. photo books that can be specialized for you with some scrapbooking materials, or you can download photos to a photo shop online where you can create an album designed in colors or any other topic you like. For under $ 20, can create a custom photo book that can be used as a guest on the online record book on the website of the Walmart Photo Center.

Each wife likes to imagine your wedding cake as a piece of billboards that everyone will remember your wedding. Unfortunately, a beautiful cake made by a manufacturer of custom cakes or may Cakery cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Most wedding cake costs are calculated on a per serving, which means that if you expect 300 people their marriage, and the price for a piece of cake is $ 2 each, very conservative price you're looking for a $ 600 cake. For financial awareness, an idea to save money is to have a sponge cake. Cupcake Cake is available in stores for purchase or rent by a pretty decent price, or even can be done in the house. The cupcakes cost less than $ 13 for 36 cupcakes member clubs wholesale, and Sams. These cupcakes taste great and you can select the type of cake (white or chocolate), and the color of butter cream frosting you want. Top sponge cake can still be the traditional wedding cake top with little bride and groom figurine. This is a great way to attract young children in the marriage and keep the dirt and the need to purchase the plate at a minimum.

Weddings are one of the most special occasions, but it has to go into debt! Make your wedding or your son or daughter in an exciting event that nobody will soon forget, kissing creative and contemporary ideas for personalized wedding that will help you save money and make a memorable day.

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