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Would you turn the Jedi Order?

Was registered in the UK to 0.7% of the demand of the population belonging Jedi Order. They rows, as modern religion, but with interesting names such as Master and Padawan. They regularly engage in mind control exercises, trying to exploit the "Force" and participate in many lightsaber duels. Oh that's right, you get a **. ** Lightsabre Children release inside! So you can convert to a religion preaching the wisdom, patience and moderation in the added benefit of really cool controls? George Lucas could be the next L. Ron: Oh a side note, a man was sentenced recently to try a plastic garbage bag as a Darth Vader suit technical change, and attack 2 members of the Order with a steel support lightsabre were preparing for a sparring session. Although it had used more than a drum of 10 liters of red wine, but said that this strengthened their ties with force when taken to the police station. He was able to defeat the two "Jedi Masters."

No. To tell you the truth, I think people who make a religion born of fiction are foolish in the extreme. I wish I had more respect for these people who have turned to religion that inspired the Jedi: Buddhism and Taoism.

"Bandit Boob-Job" second case related Plastic Surgery Orange County this year

In Orange County professionals have recently discovered that plastic surgery can be victims of theft qualified flight of the most unusual in three months of 2009. A California woman accused of using a false identity to obtain breast implants surgeon Plastic in Orange County, earning the nickname of "Bandit Boob-Job" in the local media, has surrendered to police, reported Reuters life. Yvonne Jean Pampellonne, 30, delivered Tuesday afternoon authorities in Huntington Beach, California, where he was wanted on charges of commercial burglary, robbery and theft of identity.

The Orange County Register newspaper reported that Pampellonne was captured by detectives identified by the tracking numbers in the old chest implants. It has organized its delivery by a lawyer and has since been released bail with orders to appear before one of the charges May 27

Police said that in September 2008 Pampellonne uses personal information another woman to establish a line of credit in the Pacific Centre for Plastic Surgery in Huntington Beach. The doctors performed 12,000 value worth of liposuction and breast augmentation surgery in the center, police said, without knowing at a rate of $ 12,000 line of credit to the false and exchange their existing implants with new ones.

Pampellonne arrest marks the second case related plastic surgery this year in Orange County. In January and February, an unidentified woman who identified herself as Miriam Gomba "or" Miriam Flamingos "had thousands of dollars on Botox injections dermal filler and a few clinics in Newport Beach plastic surgery experts inform us recently.

Register said the worker in a cosmetic surgery clinic Tuck Orange County has described the mysterious woman with a complexion dark hair and shoulders, adding that the suspect in his last 40 to early 50s "was not very attractive" (criminals nice flying plastic surgery is one thing, but what is this?), who proves once again that fact is almost always stranger than fiction.

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