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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Sided Cardstock products and information here meets your needs.

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I can make my own postcards RSVP card, right?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but wanted to make sure I can " use cardboard for postcards. This is going to buy the cardboard, cut into standard-sized postcards (probably 4 1 / 4 x 5 1 / 2) the information RSVP to one side and the address and stamp the other.

Of course! In fact, you can go to your local office supply and get postcards print (the box is pre-cut to postcard size.) It will save time and energy.

card photo is for you?

Unless you work in the printing industry, it is likely that at least a bit confusing for all options available for business cards on the market today. aggregation options for multiple printers would lead to more choice 100! Fortunately, the choice can be greatly reduced by placing your options and consider things like the nature of your target customers, brand perception desired, and of course your budget.

More options for lower stock business card in one of these categories: type of Paper, cardboard and other supplies.

Paper Type


As no surprise, the type of paper is the cheapest option, simply because of the nature of the material. In short, the paper is not as robust or as "high quality "as other types of securities 2. The low relative price of this option is made of paper, or" mate "of securities, far the most common type of action card you will see every day. Of course, this applies to the limited perception of the map too. The conclusion is that the regular card, it is dull little - or nothing - to create a market potentially differentiate first impression.

Value Cards


For most companies, real card is a better option. As its name suggests, the stock is made of cardboard so that the role is ... good paper. So card you can expect to be much more durable, sustainable, and much better representation of your company to potential clients, customers and business partners in the best possible light.

A variety of commercially available board that the ultra-bright violet (UV), laminated silk, ivory, and synthetic products. The cost is Option glossy business cards. appropriate charts are UV bright for companies with limited budgets, because despite the price tag cheap, shiny coating ensures that they stand card paper and boring mate values. The main limitation of glossy cardboard is that the coating does not modifiable, and tend to choose easily with fingerprints and various tasks.

For companies looking to create an impression of class and elegance, silk high Quality is the best option. target = "_blank"> silk cards are not bright, eliminating the major limitations of maps covering brilliant. silk cards, as its name implies, is a silky smooth texture are truly unique. Although they are slightly more expensive than business cards glossy, silk business cards are still very profitable and are therefore suitable for businesses of any size, which occupy the upper ends of their slots respectively.

Other Actions


The third type, called "stock Other "includes things like business cards, metal, plastic business cards translucent gel poly plastics, and even magnetic cards. Each option represents the upper end of all possibilities, but that comes with a high price. You probably looking to double or triple the price card products based cards. The product of this category that offers the best combination of originality and the value is the target = "_blank" polyethylene gel map> translucent. It is a translucent, thin cardboard, but usually priced in the same order as "regular" board.

Conclusion and summary

These can be divided into 3 categories according to whether they are printed on paper, cardboard, or something else. Never satisfied with a card market paper securities because their customers receive their cards - and your company - in the bottom of the quality scale.

Other actions as a business card, plastic or metal, is not profitable for most companies than those who have very specialized needs. The only exception is the gel poly plastic card stock, which is very unique but still profitable.

The best option for the vast majority of card companies because of its durability and thickness. Brilliant Business Cards are less expensive, but the silk business cards are often the best option, because they are high quality, unique, elegant, and also quite profitable.

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