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What Trollbeads?

What Trollbeads?

Trollbeads "Scandinavian" is the original in this charming account of the very popular Danish concept of accounts. A unique concept in jewelry that the family was created by Aagaard Copenhagen in 1976. family Aagaard enlarged still own and run the rule Trollbeads as a family business.

Creativity and innovation is the blood life and the motivating force for the continued success of Trollbeads. Trollbeads was initiated by (Lisa Aagaard Designer and CEO of Trollbeads.) Grandfather (Soren Nielsen) three decades ago - a jeweler and goldsmith in Copenhagen creative, but his love of design and testing of glass Trollbeads concept and the charm of accounts for the overall success of today.

Lisa, her family and extended family of designers are force designer who started this phenomenon has been developed in 1988 by Lisa and glass beads became one of the pillars of mark in 2002. Each glass bead is 11.5 minutes to do manually.

Each range is individually handcrafted using quality raw materials including sterling silver, 18k gold, Italian glass, beads and natural stones. The different symbols, flowers, animals, zodiac signs, colors and materials presented in the accounts to provide endless variations and combinations jewelry both distinctive and personal.

Trollbeads offers a wide range of high quality, very personal Pearl represents more than 400 intricate designs. Trollbeads is unusual in that that each account has its own history and symbolism that can be interpreted by you to experience or event. A collection of selected accounts individual can be organized in a bracelet or chain to create a foxtail Trollbeads unusual "Life Story and exclusive" bracelet or necklace be exclusive to you.

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