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Is there a way to soften silk dupioni without washing it?

I bought a dupioni flower girl dress for my daughter's wedding next spring, but the fabric seems kind of stiff and scratchy for my (temperamental) niece. I don't want to wash it because I don't want to risk shrinking it. If I steam press it with a cloth, would that help? Would dry cleaning it make it softer?

You can also toss it in the dryer on low heat then steam press it with a cloth. Be careful using a fabric softener sheet, however, because some of them will leave little oil or grease spots on silk. You can also have it dry cleaned as well which will soften the finish manufacturer's put on silk to maintain its shape.

Toppers For Christmas Trees

The addition of the Topper on the Christmas Tree is like putting icing on a cake. They add just the right finishing touch and enable you to step back, view your work, take a deep breath, sigh and know your job is done for this season. Christmas Tree Toppers come in all sizes, types and shapes from stars of all kinds to angels to gorgeous ribbon creations. In this article I want to focus on Angel Tree Toppers and Santa Tree Toppers.

Fiber Optic Angel Tree Toppers.

Fiber Optic Angels are very beautiful. Their wings come in several shapes and styles. Some Angel wings are a solid material that looks like bamboo and has the fiber optic filaments running through. There are others where the wings are an iridescent Mylar material nestled among fiber optic filaments. Then there are what I believe to be the most beautiful. These have clusters of many, many fiber optic filaments that are used to create a shape or design for the wings and then more loose fiber optic filaments are sprayed across the front of the wings. This creates the most beautiful affects from the fiber optics. These Angels have an adapter that powers the fiber optics. Sometimes the adapter can be a little heavy but can usually be taped to the center pole or trunk of the tree.

Lighted Angel Toppers.

This type of Angel Topper usually carries a mini light candle in one or both of her hands and has more mini lights around the bottom of the base under her gown. These mini lights are the same type of light used to light your Christmas tree. Usually the manufacturer will put a cover, like an acrylic star, over the top of the mini light in each of the Angels hands. This type of Angel Topper has no adapter and will easily plug into the top section of any Christmas tree. There are also Small Lighted Angel Toppers that have a pigtail light cord that allows you to remove a mini tree light bulb from the socket in your Christmas tree and replace it with the pigtail connection. Then every time you turn your Christmas tree lights on the Angel will light up as well. These types of Angels usually only have one mini light that they hold in their hands in front of them.

Animated Angel Toppers.

Animated Angels are very beautiful and can be Fiber Optic with animation, lighted and animated or animated with no lights at all. The animation includes very soft, gentle movements. Basically the wings move forward and back. The arms open and close and the head and torso move in a gentle circle to either the left or right. Sometimes the head will bow down a bit as the Angel moves forward. I have noticed a noise with these Angels. The Animated Angels with Fiber Optic wings will hum and bit and the Angels with feather wings may click as the wings go forward or back. One thing I have learned is never to pick one up by the head, arms or wings and especially not when the Angel is plugged in.

Angel Toppers.

Most Angel Toppers are exquisitely dressed. The fabrics are very gorgeous. They are made from polyester fabrics but have the look and feel of silk or damask and brocade. They will usually have porcelain heads and hands. The difference will come in the hair. Up to now Angel Toppers heads have been completely porcelain, including the hair. Now there are very exquisitely beautiful Angel Toppers with curly doll hair. I have also noticed that the color of the Angels hair is getting a little darker every year. They are not always blonde anymore.

Santa Toppers.

There is nothing like a Santa Christmas Tree Topper. These can range in size from 12 to 20 inches and taller. There are Traditional Santa style Toppers and there are Father Christmas style Toppers. Some have fiber optic filaments in their beards or in the greenery they may be holding. Others can have lights around the base illuminating their robes or they can come completely unlit. All of them will have a long white beard and mustache and will usually carry a pack of toys or gifts. As with the Angels the fabrics used for Santa and Father Christmas Toppers are absolutely gorgeous. I especially like the poly damask coats and the poly dupioni robes.

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