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What are the 5 natural fibers? can not be cotton, linen, wool, silk or mohair! PLZ HELP!?

I'll give you the best answer if u tell me the correct answer I need 5 fibers Naturl addition to those that I mentioned!

Alpaca, angora, hemp, rattan and hemp sisal (or sisal agave and a hard fiber used for rope-making).

Right Socks for your legs

The use of socks evil is the main cause of sweaty feet and smelly. Wear shoes and socks help prevent sweat feet.The best way to avoid sweaty feet refers to the average and you have to find href = ""> best bottom for legs. Instead of using nylon socks, start using wool socks that are 60%, with 40% of synthetic fibers. Cotton socks are not all they are good because they retain moisture. Even socks are all wet wool.

Do not wear tight socks and an attempt to pick socks that have ventilation panels and are designed for the transport of wet feet. Use new wash and clean socks every day. Wash socks in the hottest cycle. After washing, rinsing her socks in antisepticsolution and let it dry naturally. You can also obtain antibacterial socks, fresh feet. They are impregnated with chemicals to reduce odor-causing bacteria.

If you want help solve the problem of sweaty feet, then keep your feet clean and dry.When showers, use antibacterial soap and be sure to take the time sweaty feet washing. Use a foot powder or foot spray is only for feet that sweat excessively.

href = ""> Socks come in a variety of fibers and fiber combinations. Commonly used include cotton fibers, wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester, olefin and spandex. From time to time when luxury fibers like silk, linen, cashmere, mohair and blends smoothly, but it increases the cost.

There are also socks that reduce abrasion. Bulbs and due form to abrasion or friction of the feet, toes, usually against the sock and shoe. There are socks designed so that it is more abrasion between the sock and the foot between the sock and shoe. The sock sticks and feet, but slips on the shoe and protects foot. The result is less wear and fewer bulbs.

There are also many href = ""> socks Special for the ladies that the heel additional deep pocket, triple layer of padding under the impact resistance of the foot, a single layer of ventilation mesh on top of the foot to keep feet cool, dry, etc.

There are socks available on the market that are designed specifically to meet the needs of those defenders periodontal time at work. Many low world cotton padded compression are available for the best feeling soft, comfortable and achieve quality clothing graduated compression to deliver the legs need therapy.

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