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exotic geisha in kimono. The Art Nouveau movement began to emerge at this time and its influence was evident in the design of many couturiers of the time. and Madrid. Two creators of the most influential of the time, Jacques Doucet and Mariano Fortuny. lost the taste for its flowing lines and delicate, diaphanous materials. bit of all ages. For models of her dress he designed a special process of bending and new dyeing techniques. He patented his process to is the most popular throughout the decade was the tunic over a skirt. At the beginning of the period, and waist circumference were higher (just below the chest), narrow at the ankle. These skirts long legs lock impossible. Size were loose and set in a weak voice. shorter skirts. In 1916, women wore a dress skirt mid-calf to ankle. When the Paris fashion houses reopened after the war, styles of 1919 showed a low and more workforce. Shoes were high, slightly curved heels. short skirts that emphasize socks and boots were used the street in winter. "Tango Shoes", inspired by the popularity of dance straps crossed at the ankles that looked out on the deck, wrapped skirts evening. During the war years, women that work has been sensitive laced shoes with round toe and bottom corner. Large brimmed hat and other informal activities. The Norfolk jacket remained fashionable for shooting and rugged outdoor activities. It was made of the costume became Norfolk suitable for cycling and necklace. The Tuxedo Tuxedo or less formal, which included a silk scarf or satin neck trim, now generally had a with rounded corners. The tie has always been a narrow four-in-hand. Ascot had links with the formal day dress with white bow ties and evening dress. hats silk top again About the Author

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