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Does anyone know where I can order wholesale priced enamled charms or silver tibet beads for bracelets.?

I make & sell bracelets on ebay & other sites. I only sell the bracelets for no more than $3.75 each & I need to find enamled charms, silver tibet charms, polymer clay beads, cat's eye beads & any other charms. I need to be able to get them at a really good rate so I don't have to charge much for my bracelets. Thanks for your help.

Check out our wholesale directory at . If you don't find what you need check back later because we are always updating our website with new wholesale sources.

Collecting Charm Bracelets Is A Great Hobby

I have been collecting charm bracelets since I was a child. I guess it all started when I was a teenager and I was given a bracelet for my birthday. I was quite impressed with the charms that came with this because they were quite detailed in design. The bracelet I got was based on the Alice in Wonderland theme and came with Alice, The Mad Hatter, the Cheshire cat and the Door Mouse. After a wild I was able to add to this until I had the bracelet completely full.

Collecting bracelets can unfortunately be an expensive hobby when you're a teenager without a job. But, over the years I was able to expand my collection. I guess the idea for this was that I would wear different bracelets depending on what I was wearing or possibly what I was doing at the time. If I had a sports day in school I would wear my sport one this was a great opportunity to show people the different types of charms that you could get but also to admire the detail and craftsmanship.

I remember once going to a Halloween party and for a few weeks before hand I was able to start collecting various charms to match my costume. There are so many different types available from skeleton heads, witches on broomsticks, little trick or treat bags that were simply amazing the detail and the imagination that goes into these. When I first started collecting they were mainly silver and gold and it was quite expensive if you wanted to purchase particular charms you could actually end up paying about $20-$40 for each one.

Which perform bracelets like the Halloween one they can be quite inexpensive because they are made from plastic or rubber. They also have a bit more fun as opposed to some of the older ones I have which were very formal. Teenagers nowadays have such a choice and lucky for them do not have to pay the kind of price that I paid when I was younger. Collecting different types of charm bracelets come the fun and something that they can keep for a long time with each one bringing back memories of when they use it.

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