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I've been searching online for the rods to make beads like Pandora for hours. I can not be found money, yes, but they are expensive and I am a beginner ... Is not it true the cheaper version to use up what I feel the trick? I wrote my research Anyway I see and all I get is either the heel issued for the sale or nuclei of silver. Oh and put me places to buy the tube and cut ... not going to work well. I am very frustrated!

I'm not sure what "Pandora beads have been, but looking online, that seems made with glass beads in silver (with flanges) the tubes. If you use glass, I suggest you can reduce your bill (cheap aluminum tubes, brass, etc) long - actually not so difficult - then the metal panel ArtJewlery Forum magazine, perhaps the goldsmith "general" Sub-board - they have to join to ask questions, but it's free): Some images Pearl Pandora, I saw him almost as their models in polymer clay (which may be made to look like frosted glass if you want): c-113_98.html and some have placed their accounts in clay cores clayers tubular metal or polymer and other materials (for different companies "tube" pearls "), or the flange-shaped tube of metal coils or eyelets / rivets / etc If you are interested in them, here There is little information on certain of them @ N08/2351797545 / Http: / / @ N08/2351797545 hollowbead1.html / http://klewexpressions. com / drum_beads.htm http:// / photos If you are interested in the clay for the manufacture of tubular cylinders or cylindrical beads with small holes, or information in the manufacture of polymer clay silver look (or even the use of "metal clay" to do - but they must be "fired") Visit my site (Link below) and look at least in the pages of names: Bead Tubes> or more balls of other metals-Hoyos-Faux many> HTH, Diane B.

Indian Jewelry Types

It is sometimes used as a measure of security in times of contingency | €. Sometimes it is worthwhile to show a plate tradition to adorn your jewelry has increased rather stronger over time. Artisans and craftsmen have been sponsored by their governments after the sculpture unique jewelry € | today, others. This article is a travel guide to familiarize yourself with different styles and traditions in jewelry India. Iddo work: The work unique is an important example of traditional Indian beauty. Presented by the Mughals, the art form is the most common in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Iddo jewelry made of precious stones engraved in gold, where it is first melted in a state somewhat malleable, then the stones are engraved on it with great precision. After gold cools, arrange the stones without any adhesive. Iddo is fundamentally stone engraved on one side of gold jewelry and meenakari (enamel) on the opposite side. Kundan Kari is a game of skill to create gems. First, holes are cut gems, so they are recorded with maximum precision, then the pieces are glazed. Most decoration is made of lacquer a natural resin. Later, the lake is inserted into the hollow parts and is visible jewelry has gained popularity India. More title = ""> Necklaces Necklaces, a song to mention the beauty of jewelry. Enamel bracelets consist of a core that has a thin covering layer of varnish of superior quality. Lake base, where it is mixed with a material similar to white clay, strengthens the cuff.

The heating, mixing, and a hammer hitting the dry ingredients is performed several times and the masses that the mass is formed. Once mass is heated, it is in the form of longer growing lacquer is made instead of diameter negotiated. The result is a thickening of the bracelet. In addition, a tool (flat) is used to roll through the cuff is required. This process requires great precision, produces the most beautiful pieces of jewelry. Jewelry Meenakari: Introduced in Rajasthan, the art work is considered the most beautiful among all types.

In meenakari jewelry, precious stones and then sprinkled with gold. The piece of metal in which the work is done, is set on blue with gold and red gold are the most consulted.

Navratna Jewelry: Jewelry Navratna In nine stones used in adornment of good omen. The underlying belief is that the nine stones and ensure well-being of the wearer. In India, jewelry has been given Navratna great importance because of its astrological significance, and its innate charm. About the Author


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