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How I can do my makeup?

I would like some ideas on makeup, because I know how I do my makeup this morning. Today I have a black long-sleeved deep V-neck sweater, dotted with a zebra print belt, black super skinny dark blue jeans, a silver necklace with charms different about it, and gray zebra print flats. I have a beautiful blue green eyes, fair skin, blond hair and medium enterprises (which is in a queue with my horses marginal disorder and the crown is a little tease and "I-just-rolled out of bed" for research.) Thank Youu.

If you want to go spectacular, then for the zebra print is .. is especially good for the bold. Personally, I think he made the statement to be Creative. instead go to pink to a dark blue. It would be dramatic - a white frosted eye shadow mixed with a sort of semi dark blue around the edges and go with a thin line of liquid eyes and wings on the corner of his eyes. in the gloss and blush on the apples of your cheeks and your ready to go.

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