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Can you were a very nice black dress, with gold+ silver flowers with beads- lace to your 20th wedding renew?

We are going to the same church that we got married at. The wedding is at 7pm.
The dress is very sexy, and the siver and gold iis the flowers only and the lace is on the edges of the dress. I also shows alot of my chest.

It's your ceremony, you can wear whatever you want. Have a great time!

Christmas Wedding Flower Ideas

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year to get married especially Christmas time. Everyone is already as merry as can be why not add to the joy of the Christmas season with a beautiful wedding. There are plenty of Christmas Wedding Flower ideas so you will not have any trouble creating a beautiful Christmas theme wedding.

In this article we will look at a few Christmas wedding flower ideas that you can use for the bouquets, ceremony and the reception. You will want to stock up on your mulberry and crepe paper in reds, greens, silvers, and gold colors for these flower ideas.

Bouquets - The majority of brides choose red flowers for their Christmas wedding with lots of greenery. Although you should not rule out the silver and gold colors they really accent the red and green colors. A nice bridal bouquet for a Christmas themed wedding is red roses surrounded by the greenery with a silver and gold or one of the other attached to the bouquet holder that flows down.

For the toss away bouquet you can make a mini replica of your bridal bouquet and add a few plastic Christmas ornaments such as gold or silver bells.

The maid of honor and bridesmaids bouquets can resemble the brides on a much smaller scale and have the greens inserted in the bouquet instead of surrounding it. To add a little Christmas cheer to the bouquets you can make silver or gold enclosures like you did with the greenery for the brides’
bouquet. Or you can use a chain of silver or gold or both colors of string beads and intertwine them in the bouquet. A small ornament such as a bell or a white dove is a nice added touch as well.

The flower girl can toss red and green rose petals down the isle. Her basket can be decorated in a slightly more child like manner. Using red and green ribbons made from the mulberry paper and white or colored small snowflakes.  If she is real young you can add a little plastic Santa clause to her basket. She will love it and your guests will be reminded of how thoughtful you are.

Corsages can be made from mums, Poinsettias or Chrysanthemums. Make the flowers large and use a large green leaf. A little white dove or gold and silver bell set can be attached near the bottom of the flower.

For the ceremony you can decorate the church with Poinsettias or mums and use a red and green twisted ribbon to attach them to the pews. You can use the same flowers in white for the alter.

For the reception you can make mulberry or crepe paper flowers attached to gold or silver strings of beads to decorate the entranceway, an arch, the back of the chairs and the cake and gift table.

Centerpieces can be a combination of red, green, white, gold and silver paper flowers. Decorate the vase or container with little plastic Christmas ornaments and glue them to the vases. Angels are very tasteful and appropriate as an ornament for a Christmas themed wedding. 

The Christmas Wedding Flower ideas are endless. Just be sure to include some of your tasteful, favorite ornaments and ideas.

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