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What to put on my homemade earrings?

I just started getting interested with earring making. Well i got some sapphire beads and silver spacers and made some pretty awesome earrings.
My dad told me i should get more original.

Do you know of anything i can use or put on my earrings? thanks!

wooden beads
little pieces of chain
beautifully-shaped cut-outs from colored plastic/metal
tiny papier mache molds/sculptures
tiny clay/play-doh sculptures
wool/string/yarn/fleece/satin ribbon
crochet/tatting/knitting motifs/lace
tiny artificial flowers made with ribbon or fabric, etc...
fish bones
i'm going wild here ;-)))
mix & match any of the above .....

hope these get your creative juices flowing
all the very best & have fun

Pearl Indian Jewelry

Earrings are made of precious stones, sterling silver, Christian, son, semi-precious stones, Stiletto, Swarovski Crystal Birthstones and pearls. There are beautiful chandelier-earring available in Czech stones amazing shapes cut which get pure and feminine. If you want your earrings to make you yourself would need the following documents:
Headpins 2 or eye pin
2 son ear
You who like pearls
pliers round.

The beads are placed in the Headpins and if necessary are placed with spacer beads What in between are metal. Once you are finished with beads, with the help of a pair of pliers round nose, bend the stem of a loop. That's the way the earrings are made. They are inexpensive and can also be made with all kinds of colored beads.

Pearl Necklaces

To make a necklace with wire length and average loop is necessary is to be made with a pair of pliers round nose. Some beads are put Allow enough wire to finish the loop. If necessary spacer beads may be used between the beads. Chains and clasps Can be added to the necklace. You can use colors and sizes to make this necklace, but that would be simple, elegant. It is always best to buy more pearls When a necklace since they always need more beads. You can also mix pearls of different sizes and colors.

Beaded Bracelets

To make a bracelet of pearls wire requirement would be less and must be cut with the diameter of your wrist mind. If you can use more bracelets beads and brightest colors so it gives a fuller look. Use color Multiple one this dog while bracelet compliment at least two or three outfits. Instead of a wire Can you use a colored wire and beads transparent so that the colored wire is seen through, which gives a good dramatic effect. Trinkets can also be attached to bracelets, hanging ones which are the latest trend adolescents. Also the loops can be added to the beads. If your caller your pearl bracelet pearl necklace, nothing like it. You can also a necklace of pearls, and loop so it gives a braided appearance.

The pearls are the in-thing now, two elegant and cheap. You Can have loads of them, in fact, have each team two or three. What you can buy color doubled, iris finish, matte, metallic beads and silver-lined so that you can make yourself and your jewelry does not take so much time that would be a practical option. The above methods are good for make a necklace or bracelet, in case you do not want to buy accessories to make these things there is nothing to feel disappointed! You can always make a dog knot jewelry beads, beads that you are doing it a catchy piece of jewelry with the only thread that you would get in your house and pearls!

Spring is upon us and theres no time to plan the next time trends pearl jewelry today, before the spring 2008 and summer seasons really start? Predicting the future trends of fashion and jewelry is always a bit of a game, but I've been reading a lot of fashion magazines, listening of my clients who visit my heel usually Scoreboard jewelry and talk to people about what they want. There are clear trends for 2008 and here are some:

Big, bold and beautiful: It seems like the days of delicate pieces of jewelry shiny metal left for the moment and jewelry Big colored gemstone and pearls are still pretty hot right now. People are still asking for more pieces of jewelry, some with large stones and crystals attract the look, sometimes with asymmetrical patterns or less oddly cut pearls and precious stones.

Colored and Nature: Also Im seeing the emphasis some of the influences that sometimes nature is seen in materials such as wood or stone beads used in jewelry, but Ive seen a lot more flowers and leaves shaped beads and pendants on the scene. Any kind of organic or botanical looking beads and jewelry are always popular for what Ive seen. I do not do much, but I've actually had people ask me if something That I have natural warmth.

Charms & Pendants: Again, go with the jewels of the brightness and heel, which appears more Than who meets a beautiful chain with a big fat diamond or precious stone pendant or charm on the end?

Cocktail Rings: If youre buying, do or wear rings, rings treated with bling! Generally Cocktail rings are diamonds or more above Gemstone Rings That are too colorful, brilliant and, yes, sometimes a bit garish. But it is fun! These go hand in hand with jewelry and bright Bold beads that you could wear and could even match it compliments with pearls or gemstones or the like. You can make rings cocktail gemsone beads, crystals or nearly all the other shiny materials.

Colored, colored, colorful: Did I mention colorful?! You'll want to think about bright and bold, but remember that the natural! synthetic dyes and neon wilderness are not popular, but natural colors are finally in, both in clothing and fashion jewelry. Again, I must turn to the color experts at Pantone colors that have taken over tendencies to 2008. Remember to check page 28 Adobe Acrobat guide there! His pleasure and inspiration! Im thinking about printing some of the pages and hang them around my area where beads inspiration to create my jewelry im.

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