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What color collar would go well with a silver heart locket? The medallion is engraved on it, a rose, and grape leaves?

I have two silver reliquaries of the heart, and I will use these colors are black and purple. I thought the colors look good with this charm, are: Red Purple perhaps using a white color adjustment Royal Dark Blue (Black, only last Appeals) (Purple, only as a last resort), dark green. This is my dilemma. Help! I asked earlier about the use of color, and money, but this time I'm going to Old timey, part Victorian possible. So I want to stay away from black, as I have many of the bands and black, and another medallion that is used to make black. Any help is appreciated. PS: This item is used in wire and a hook.

Dark green. It also goes well with the money

Jewelry, 2009 - The shiny silver charms Jewelry

The leaves are changing and, as always, we must change our style to survive the winter. Looking glamorous requires more effort in the winter, especially if you want to keep updating their style, but can not afford Declaration constantly boots coats and more. You need a new way to keep your style fresh. Large pieces of jewelry is one of the major trends this season may take over the bridges to create a perfect look for Jazzing brightly colored gray sad day. As for the collection of Jackie Brazil jewelry design, inspired by the vibrant colors of tropical Brazil is ideal to brighten the winter months, and the declaration of brilliant jewels instantly and easily converts your eyes.

One of the other key trends that have emerged this season is the use of silver charms to personalize clothes and accessories. All major designers charms in their fall collection. Everyone from Tiffany & Co. to Kate Moss and Juicy Couture in this trend at the moment. They can be made into bracelets Charm, and the soldiers would be left in the charm bracelet at all times. Now, designers have created innovative silver charms have access embargo hooks easy. Having a hook shot, (which are often used as closures for necklaces) means that you can easily clip the charm that you want to use other that day and pull that do not match. You do not stick to a disorderly band always looks the same, you can change everything, choosing styles and colors you want. Accessorising makes it much easier! Many designers also use the charm of handbags, necklaces and key chains that means that you can buy a charm and the use of different ways.

The other good thing about love is that are many available. You're not limited to traditional charms boring, but you can get lots of colds. Many are covered with enamel which can be colored and individual, are elegant charms of diamond and gold-plated hit that makes luxurious yet affordable, you can get these charms silver High quality between £ 10 and £ 35. So is silver charms make excellent gifts for others (and yourself!). If you buy sterling silver charms can be sure it will last long, why it is often given as gifts for special occasions.

I would definitely recommend found the charms of trigger hooks that cost a little more the first time you buy, but not require additional work and joins your jewelry. Probably will cost around £ 10 for a charm bracelet of a soldier is almost the same as that of a good quality lock and a silver brooch trigger the difference is that you can move one with the closure of the charm that every soldier should remain in their initial entry.

Silver Charm is truly a fashion accessory this season, the scene with a wide variety of silver charms are available.

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I work for an online jewellery boutique that specialises in gold, silver and fashion jewellery, we have a collection of Silver Charms and lovely Murano Glass jewellery



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