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Juicy couture bracelets (silver vs. Gold)?

I have a gold juicy couture and there is this really cute ski mask charm but my bracelet it gold, and the claps on the charm is silver. Do you think it still looks good to have silver on gold?

no do not mix it no matter how bad you want to. It will clash!!

Pewter Jewellery - Learn About the Different Types of Pewter Jewellery

Pewter jewellery is widely available on the market as an alternative to silver jewellery. Pewter is a lead-free metal alloy which is easy to clean and lasts for many years. Ancient jewellery articles made from pewter are particularly worth mentioning as they are still used by fashionable men and women as symbols of style and vigor. There are many types of pewter jewellery. You can find lovely charms and tags, pewter keyrings and cuff links, bangles and necklaces, and beautiful engraved finger rings and toe rings. In addition to these, body piercing jewellery made from pewter is also quite popular all over the world.

Why thousands of people are crazy about this type of jewellery? There are many reasons. Firstly, pewter jewellery is very reasonably priced. Even if it is composed of ancient or hand-engraved designs, it is quite affordable as compared to silver or any other type of jewellery for that matter. Secondly, pewter jewellery comes in a wide variety of shapes, patterns and designs. Since the overall appearance is very simple and elegant, these jewellery articles can be worn by men and women of all ages. And last but not the least; pewter is 100% lead free which makes it ideal for jewellery making.

While searching for types of pewter jewellery you will come across beautiful and stylish pendants. These pendants come in a number of shapes and can be worn with a pewter chain. Since pewter does not tarnish over time, this type of jewellery is long-lasting and hard-wearing. Other accessories made from pewter are also admired across the globe and a lot of designers now produce pewter items for their customers in many categories. Pewter gives a handcrafted look which is attractive and beautiful. Further engraving and other techniques make it even more stunning and glamorous.

If you are looking for fashion or costume jewellery, do check out the various types of pewter jewellery. You will be amazed at how gorgeous and completely affordable these jewellery articles really are. Pewter can be easily molded into different shapes and therefore intricate forms like skeleton, skull, mask, animal shapes and many other structures can be created without any difficulty. The finished pieces very much resemble silver articles and can also be used as antique decorative items. Why go to the antique shop to look for attractive figures made from solid silver and gold when you have reasonably priced pewter jewellery right within reach?

Some types of pewter jewellery may be nickel plated. If you are allergic to nickel, you should avoid such jewellery articles. Many hip hop items are now available out there made from pewter. You can even find lovely pet jewellery in this category for your beloved cats or dogs. Pewter is a material which is here to stay for a long time because of its allure and high quality. Sometimes other elements are also added to this metal alloy to get a particular color or texture. The antique finish and ancient appearance of this material is liked by many people across the globe.

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