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How different colors silver lining jewelry?

Hello. I am a jeweler, I can not plate my silver jewelry with black and gold, but some My clients require red, blue, green, silver jewelry color. N enamel. Things must be looking even brighter as the surface of metal. So I do not know in any way to do it. Is there any way to do so. Perhaps alloys color if available Thanks, etc.

Hello, if you can use aluminum instead of money, then you can anodized aluminum pigment dye is then injected into the anodized layer and achieve practically all colors with a metallic look to it. If you stay with money, then you must find and apply a little gloss transparent organic coating (ie, painting) with the color you want. Ron www.home health Novik

Pilgrim Jewelry - Jewelry Designs Fine Peregrino

Pilgrim Jewellery is a company that was founded in 1983 and has provided original and unique customer confidence in jewelry located worldwide. The company is based in Denmark and has introduced many new concepts jewelry since the beginning. You find charm bracelets, unique, rings and earrings in his magnificent collection. Articles are the best in Austria Swarovski crystal, acrylic stones and freshwater pearls. The jewelry offered by Pilgrim is not very expensive because they use metal alloy coated with copper instead of gold silver.

Pilgrim rings and bracelets are not allergic and they are completely free of nickel. They are easy to use and easy to handle. Much people around the world love this kind of jewelry because of its strength and durability. In addition, the jewelry is available in a range of vivid colors and orange, purple, pink, green, blue and red. You can also find unique designs beautiful necklaces with pendants and amulets. Many jewelry There are questions particular that make them suitable for use on special occasions. You will find forms such as butterflies, flowers, stars, bells, leaves and stones in these articles.

A striking necklace by Pilgrim Jewellery is the necklace of green organza. The necklace is finished in the washer money and can be purchased for only $ 26. plates are also used old money in this type of jewelry to make the articles are even more attractive. Another necklace charm in this category is the butterfly necklace. This jewelry boutique is loved by young girls. You can make a great gift for any occasion. 22k plated Gold jewelry is also available in this category that seems interesting and expensive. However, it is quite affordable.

href = ""> Pilgrim Jewellery also offers magnificent bracelets and rings for women of all ages. These bracelets are flowers and sterling silver charms and some materials. The pink flower bracelet life is very beautiful and unique. It is 100% free nickel, finished in antique silver. Another popular design is the beautiful Cameo Bracelet by Pilgrim. This silver bracelet can be paired with a dress. Maybe used as a fashion accessory at parties and weddings. It may also be administered as a gift to your beloved.

href = ""> Pilgrim Jewellery is expressive of a sense of independence. You notice in their drawings in bright colors and bold patterns are a reflection of freedom and free will. Offers various themes of jewelry for all seasons so you can always remain in the path of fashion. These jewels are particularly loved by celebrities and famous characters. You can find necklaces and rings in this class as little as $ 24. Earrings with gold filigree necklaces matching can also be found Search that really beautiful. A pendant with an oval enamel disc and the hanging of a crystal is very beautiful. It is available for only $ 47, which is very reasonable for a unique necklace and charm.

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