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you might of seen this question before, but :
2 costumes, Max from Where THe Wild Things Are and lord of the ringy type elf
I dont know which one, this is what I'm going to do for each,
(and i have long** black hair btw)

White strapless dress to the knees
Extra long knit sweater with pompoms
Glue on elf ears (super realistic)
Green suede boots
Fake extra long eyelashes
Silver Metallic eyeliner
Green around the head 60's style headband
Hair is going to be pin straight OR extra crimpy? (Ideas?)

White Shirt with a hood and tail sewn on with ears and buttons
White leggings
Shoes with fabric claws sewn on over top
Black liquid liner
Whiskers face painted on
Hair crimped (with a flat iron!!! Makes a difference)

So which one? I really dont know D: Are school is having a costume contests and Originality is one of the categories.

i like the elf it sounds cool

Choose your hairpiece how you wish to have

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Hairpieces are available in market in a number of size and form, in a number of styles. Hairpieces or wigs are available in base size to a size of silver dollar, which covers three quarters of your head. Choices are also available in a human hair or synthetic. So choose your option and make your hair. Take advice from your hair specialist and you may leave this decision up to a knowledgeable hair replacement specialist. Do consider every possible aspect before buying an appropriate wig for your hair. The hair replacement specialist will tell you about this. Your hair type, the thinness of your hair, type of baldness, your lifestyle, your other aspects etc needs to be considered before zeroing in on the particular one.

Now a question surely comes on your head. That is how it stays on your hair. At first you have to decide that how much hair remains on your head. The hairs you wish to attach to your remaining hair determine the stability of your wig. There is hair weave, which involves sewing the wig into your existing hair. This type of hairpieces stays permanently on your hair and requires monthly check-ups to clean. If you are flaunting hair color then it is needed to have colored your wig too. You have to tighten up your hairpiece. But for ready-made styles you should look for glue, clips or tape. These methods allow you to remove the wig according to your whim. You just have to keep in your mind one single thing and that is the wig must be fit on your hair perfectly and rightly. And then you will completely forget that you are wearing a hairpiece.

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