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Playa rebounds

I'm on board of Apollonia, a 43-foot yacht, riding in the parade of the Colonial Beach Riverfest boat. Riverfest is largest city and has done every year since 1951, against the wind and high water € "and believe me, have had many times. We have just obtained, Potomac River away from the Bay of Monroe, which is the back door of the people, and we work our way north, beyond the Colonial Beach Yacht Center Point Bar and gums and direction for the future once the municipal wharf. To our starboard and stretching are the famous tea Shoals less than € "historically some of the richest beds of oysters in the world. It's 1:30 pm and the sky is overcast and threatening in June, But the Potomac is flat and happy, at least it feels that way in the comfort ofApolonia. Its owner, Paul Bolin, is driving, we travel along the parade route Place number two, behind the commander of the fleet ahead of the rest of the pack.

It is precisely here, when I look in six miles wide, and again on the famous five miles from Potomac city beach, I think: It's a good thing I'm not driving this boat, because if I had to be dodging the ghosts head. You see, this particular part of the Potomac, 60 miles from Washington and 40 at Point Lookout, is positively Full of historical events, and this afternoon, I see all the ways you turn. For example, not the starboard bow, I see a phantom fleet British warships are deformed by hand into the thick oyster beds on the road to capture Washington. It is 1814, and he will succeed. The fact lowering the river which are an additional cost of 25 boats in tow, and, again, the crew was fired and remove all ships through banks to hand. A slow and painful, no doubt, but still reach the port of Baltimore, when Francis Scott Key to see the red glare of rockets. And look, there tearing our roots, is a patrol boat in the hot Maryland tail dredge oysters. Listen to the fire of machine guns? One will eventually die. Now, look ahead, passing under U.S. Route 301 bridge is the ghost of the famous paddlewheel steamer St. Johns, its full tracks Happy campers at the beginning of 20 bound for Colonial Beach. Yes, the ring of a thousand-armed bandits to crack the train as a spy d'une Confederate slips between a pair of warships federal water Colonial Beach is alarming and charming and full of ghosts.

Paul Bolin, however, is not distracted. He holds firm Apolonia in his direction. His eye is not in the past but the future of Colonial Beach and that this city has had more ups and downs of a plug in a wave of five feet, is on track to become. Because of Colonial Beach, the last surge strikes without Previous by Isabel, is as safe on the road to the next great wave of the boatman's life is in decline.

With us on that Sunday drive in the boat are great marshals of the parade, Sonny and Dottie Schick, who live next to Bolin Bell House Bed & Breakfast, and his son Kyle and his wife Reldo. Kyle and are particularly Reldo Fancy a stroll through any wave at all, and that Elizabeth was actually the second punch in a combination of one, two, he left his winding Colonial Beach Yacht Center.

The largest and one of the oldest marinas in the area, Colonial Beach Yacht Center in May 2002 was devastated by a fire that destroyed the docks of the marina, boat after boat blast many mines harbor. Fifty-six ships classic wood for some of them irreplaceable, were destroyed. Many Woodies have been lost to us today in the parade of boats, but are now part of a fleet of new ghostly. After the fire, Lavry rebuild the marina and made Good Headway € "Isabel rolled up like a bulldozer, throwing stones about half a ton and the destruction of other 40 ships, many of them on trailers and cradles.

"What the fire did not take, the hurricane did," Kyle Schick me said we did a boat tour of the Centre before the weekend in a golf cart, Colonial Beach new vehicle of choice. damaged by the storm were Boat Dock Center store restaurant ship, dock, boat lift area, the bomb outside the region and the gas station. "We're putting things together, but better," said Schick. "We had great support from the community and other navies, but insurance does not cover what you think it will. "

The new springs are wider than the old and all have a phone jack stands and is powerful enough, even for the hottest days and the most discerning boat. The new docks will be covered in galvanized frames and fabrics that form a canopy above each band. They are resistant to fire and prevent UV rays while letting in the sun. With several new platforms and the Aquatics Centre will soon 100 Open slips and 20 covered slips. There is no room for another 100 vessels in the hard disk. Currently there are 15 slips with plans to move 40 people.

Colonial Beach Yacht Center position at the entrance of the Bay of Monroe has always made attractive for ships entering and leaving Washington, DC, but same time make the marina more vulnerable to storms that have stuck in the bay Monroe. The facility was originally a factory packaging Oyster created in the 1930s. During the Great Hurricane of 1933, the building floats, but was pulled back and concrete slab was poured to hold it in place. In the 1940s, when the Marina was developed, with about 200 slips, home packing oysters became a restaurant. Elizabeth could not move, but it destroyed the interior. Who has since been restored and Dockside Restaurant reopened in earlier this spring.

Two other popular restaurants in Colonial Beach Water is also Destroyed € "The Happy Clam Restaurant and Wilkerson, both in the north of the city. Wilkerson, rebuilt and reopened a few months with fresh, hot Hush Puppies and a wall of windows on the Potomac. But Happy clam has yet to return.

Although the Water Sports Centre marina was only in the loss of ships in the storm others felt the effect as well. January Swink Nightingale Motel & Marina on Monroe Bay is located in the center of your new kitchen to show me where it was That evening, small fish in deep water up to his knees, watching swim between his fingers. "Our docks are like an accordion on some points, he said. Nightingale in motel rooms, water rose above the heads, the six units have been completely redone. But as hundreds of others throughout the city, Conrad and her husband Bob have to work and were ready to reopen in time for the 2004 season of navigation. "And I'm make some changes I wanted, anyway, he said, opening the doors to show two new bathrooms and showers sailors.

Just a little higher in the bay since the nightingale is the last train to use Colonial Beach Sea and a must for all lovers of the craft. There, Dean owners Marina Colonial Beach, Mary Virginia Stanford Stanford Marine Railway is located in the warehouse of the ship "lounge" and shakes head money slowly when asked about the loss of Isabel. "Many people had trees fall on their house," he said sadly. "In the car the next day I drive a bit and then cry a little. "In the train, where more than 60 years to her husband, Clarence built boats that are still in use today, the wind on the roof and the water halfway up the construction of the store. But does any serious damage, since all electrical appliances have been displaced to a higher ground than before. The leaflets have survived, such as coverage of spring, the house Botha Hermione, a meticulously restored 1927 Elco go Pathfinder II, the last ship built Clarence Stanford.

Back in the center of the city in Doc Motel, Ellie Carruthers and her husband, "Little Doc", he simply went to bed when it was too dark to take pictures more storms and power outage. "The next morning, I said, 'Oh, my God! "Ellie said. The latest wave of water from the debris had been lifted over the fence that separates a counter oldest motel in the town of Potomac and planted on the left between the two wings of rooms. "We sacks full of eighty, he said. "Everyone settle. It was like being in a parade in the landfill. Finally, we had to close the landfill. "

Doc northern waterfront that day was in ruins, as a neighbor charterboat spring. When I visited the place before the parade of boats, I could see that the dam charterboat was in place, but the waterfront needed more than a few tables over.

Doc past spring and sections Colonial Beach is famous race sea, once alive with families on vacation, who filled the wooden walkway and food stands. Today, concrete is a sidewalk that meanders through sand, limited only by food vending machines for two or three survivors. Buy an ice cream and walk along the waterfront, however, and you will not be alone in the company of some of the ghosts The most strident of the beach € "casinos and dance halls that attracted tens of thousands of visitors in summer who want the 1940 through the 50s. But time, antigambling laws, a fire in the 1960s and made several previous storms feel, and Monte-Carlo, the jackpot, Joyland, Little Steel Pier and his companions had disappeared years before Hurricane Isabel was a breeze and in the Sahara. The river boat (after the little Reno) remained perched on the Potomac, Maryland property and offer off-piste paris, keno, two state lotteries and Food a the crowd was peaceful. But the barge is gone, too, another victim of Isabel. Unlike others, however, the riverboat will return.

Linthacum Browning Peggy Raley and Laura, who are sisters, will chair a construction trailer at the end of the beach under the pier in the ruins the boat. His job is to ensure the curious € "I, for example €" that the riverboat is actually going to rebuild. "We had to go to throughout the process, which took a long time," he said Linthacum. "But the boat trip was more or less protected, and finally approved. "Linthacum and Raley are sisters Peggy Flanagan, who with her husband, Tom, is the owner of the boat since 1992. riverboat news, which should keep the same space as previous in-law look like a ship on this occasion, Linthacum said, with a working waterwheel. "We have been the number one sellers in the Maryland lottery "Raley proudly. "Customers want to buy a lottery ticket in Virginia and Maryland, after not just a ticket. "

Was the ability to take measurements of the coast of Virginia to casinos that sat on piles of long on Potomac, Maryland, which require the burning of neon, and a joint-jumpin 'from 1949 to 1958, when the armed robber was the king of entertainment in Maryland. After the completion of U.S. Route 301 bridge over the Potomac in 1941, Colonial Beach was not so long trip Washington and Baltimore, and the city of hundreds of slot machines, casinos, dance halls, welcoming the beach and boardwalk full of entertainment gave people a lot reasons to come.

"We used to open the motel XV and full board in May over the summer," remembers Ellie Carruthers. "If it was not full at noon, we wondered what was wrong. "Carruthers came to Colonial Beach when his father, a builder Washington finally found time to take the family on a beautiful two weeks of vacation. "When I arrived in 1951, there were slot machines everywhere. It was Crazy! "Doc little met (his father was the Doc) in Riverside and slept." Would you get on the track during the night, with mothers and fathers and children of all ages, all with a wonderful time, "he says as we sit in his office in the small but comfortable motel. Now in his 70s, has recently Carruthers broken hip, but, given the experience, it puts me in her wheelchair to speak as he settles in the office chair. "I have clients who met walking, and other couples who have booked to meet here at the same time every year. Some of my clients have been with me every year for fifty years. I can make reservations for them before they even call. "
Looking the parade this year by boat from Doc's is one of the first guests of the motel, now a frail persons aged 90 years. With him is his daughter, his granddaughter and her granddaughter and their families. They took six rooms for the weekend. Mary Virginia Stanford is another long-time coming here Colonial Beach, who fondly remembers his wild and crazy decade. She met Clarence was, in this case World War II while in Apalachicola Florida, in a menhaden fishing trip with his father. She and Clarence returned to Colonial Beach in 1945 and built a store and that Boatworks Marine said: "We worked all our lives." Both are now 80 years, and while Mary Virginia remains active, Clarence is confined to a wheelchair.

Mary Virginia was not opposed to the old slot machines, however. "I support gambling. Live and let live." She Nickel has been the team once, "she said." I put one in sixteen left. I kept in his pocket, went home and bought curtains. She remembers the walk, the old houses and the singer Jimmy Dean time "before he was famous," came to Colonial Beach to perform. "My head was a belt buckle."

Stanford also recalls the wars of oysters in the 1950s, when Maryland marine police would hunt down the Virgin IANS Maryland oysters were dredged (on the Potomac were all oysters in Maryland). dredging was Long considered to be illegal in Maryland, which beat the oyster already diminished. Only tonging hand, the slow and difficult, it has been accepted (and, in some days, could Skipjacks dredging under sail). Taken oyster tongs with what looks like a posthole digger staggering, which brings in just enough time for a man appetizers moderately hungry. But dredging (or drag) the beds can provide many more bushels oyster tonging. If dredging illegal hightailed it was not uncommon for maritime patrol to open fire as they gave chase € "Sometimes to Monroe Bay.

"I stands in the back with a baby in my arms," says Stanford, when police took a boat in the bay. Both vessels were flying in. The balls were bouncing everywhere. "Carruthers, also recalls the sound of machine guns during the night." Young people landed on the beach in Virginia to Maryland when the police were behind them. I saw a young man walk out of the water and recall, "You can not catch me." There he sat down to wait. "

On April 17, 1959, bullets, finally found a target and was Muse Berkley Colonial Beach residents dead. The fate of Governors asked the Maryland and Virginia to reach a compromise, and the wars of the oyster, which had been conducted from time to time, for a century more or less finished.

But as the harvesting of oysters weakened and disappeared slots holiday habits changed too much, and for the next 40 years, Colonial Beach has become a quiet place, "a dreamer with a colorful past," Federico tilp as he called in his book 1978, A River. Potomac

In 1985, residents discovered some of the ghosts do not even know. One morning, after a heavy storm, strollers skeleton found several feet out of a sandbank in the gums Point Bar When excavations, the bodies showed they had received a blow on the skull. "They have probably been under pressure bar immigrants from Baltimore in the late 1800s to work aboard a skipjack oyster, "she said Kyle Schick Apolonia manage what happens often called Ghost Point. "This was their reward."

It now appears that Colonial Beach is about to receive a payment from a very different sort. In the past year, house prices grew wings, and real estate agents and Bob Conrad of Colonial Beach real estate ads can not keep enough to meet demand. Houses Now often sold in a week that arrive on the market for a new home - owners of Northern Neck Virginia. Michael Wardman, who recently invested in one block from the center of the real property of his, I said that for the price, he bought his house Colonial Beach a few years ago could not even not buy lots now. Housing starts are up, too. "Over the last two years we have built about ninety new homes. Previously, he was a child of ten years, "Town Manager Brian Hooten said." The beach has been solved. "

Colonial Beach Planning and Zoning Commission also gave preliminary approval two major development projects. Would more golf course 18 holes approximately 900 homes on 600 acres near Restaurant Wilkerson. The second, more controversial because it includes a marina for 250 homes, houses City primarily, and the boat slips for residents on 50 acres bordering Monroe Point. "With all this growth, the greatest challenge that the city has now is maintaining its charm, "said Wardman. "This is a great opportunity."

It is a much greater challenge in the spirit Brian Hooten too. 10 years ago, the city bought all the waterfront properties abandoned, then demolished. Now the city has four acres of land to the offer with the hope of securing an offer to develop the site with tourist businesses. After doing this twice, Hooten said, the city is still not satisfactory. "The proposals have been weighted in favor of housing," said Hooten. "We want business applications used by tourists and residents € "such as restaurants and ice cream." Proposed projects are also several residential floors that both Hooten Wardman and oppose. "I am against high buildings of medium height and Wardman said." I do not think it would be a good decision because it would seemingly everywhere Colonial Beach. "

Paul Bolin, is also a driving force in the Colonial Beach renaissance. He is president of the Chamber of Commerce, and to operate the Bell House Bed & Breakfast with his wife Anne and to take customers for ELA Apolonia four-plate dinner cruises. He is also spearheading "Vision 2015" which, he said, reaching consensus among the residents of the address city and growth. "I think the city will change," I said Apolonia Tell City pier so we can see the rest of the parade. "But once you start development is difficult to control where going. No rheostat."

"This city is often old, who were young in the 50s, they want the city to the new crazy, "said Schick Reldo, come sit next to me signified by flying bridge, we see the Apolonia Elco glide gracefully by. "And the young people who want to retain its picturesque charm. It is one of the ironies of the beach of the colony. "

There are at least one resident, however, who would have it both ways. "I would like to see some changes, but I would see a difference "Mary Virginia Stanford told me like a duck came through the front door of the store the boat in Marina Railway Stanford. Mallard At least this was not ghost.Â

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