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The turbulent history of South African Rand

South African Rand, perhaps, are the most desired and respected gold coins on Earth. Rand formed exactly 1 oz (33.93 g) of gold and a small piece of copper (2826 g) to form a stronger alloy. Therefore, the total weight of the 1.0909 ounces troy coin (or 33.93 g). Some collectors and investors fear that contain less gold Krugerrand gold coins as the Maple Leaf Canada because they contain copper, but the truth is that it contains 1 oz 1 oz Krugerrand gold filled. The weight of additional metals are not counted in the weight of gold. South African Krugerand presented for the one ounce of gold Rands world.Before production, most gold coins contained unequal amounts Oure gold corresponding nominal value of the currency, as the gold standard is still valid.

The Krugerrand is the name of Paul Kruger, leader of the resistance Boer fifth President of the Republic of South Africa. Kruger image appears on one side of the Rand, while the image of a springbok antelope is on the other side .. Both are world-famous symbols of South Africa. The famous Kruger National Park is also the name of Paul Kruger.

Krugerand the first time in 1967 in order to sell gold in South Africa outside the Republic. The coin is legal tender in South Africa, is the value that corresponds the current market value of 1 troy oz. gold. There was a somewhat fuzzy due to the production of legal tender, and because Africa South wanted gold coins in regular circulation. Currency was legal collection can be seen in other countries .. Meanwhile, it was illegal for U.S. citizens to take gold bullion owned privately, but the right to possess the "gathering" of foreign currencies catch is that they must be legal tender. South Africa made use of the collection "void the law by selling a lot Krugerand U.S. buyers. The United States government turned a blind eye may be so that "they know" (the rich more likely) have a chance to circumvent the rules, while leaving the Most citizens of gold market.But recent years, the United States and other countries banned the import of gold in Africa South to protest against the apartheid regime. It was during the time of the ban Krugerand that other countries have begun to make gold coins tender to meet demand in the absence of supply Krugerand old.

Well that usually only play one ounce in 1980, was struck in denominations Krugerand fractions 1 / 10 ounce, quarter ounce, half ounce and one ounce. In addition, in the 80s, someone has invented a lot of "Silver Krugerand" but nobody knows who, since they were struck in private .. All parts and illegal no reference to South Africa, on each side, it is possible to bypass the Apartheid Banning (since they are not legal tender). South Africa mint, because it is not obtained permission to use the name. There is no indication on the coins that were struck by or issued.

Despite the presence of Canadian coins Gold Maple Leaf Gold Australian Kangaroo and the U.S. gold eagle on the American market, the South African Rands are still considered "classic" gold coins, because they have been offering legal documents before 1 oz is People also different in appearance, with a little orange tone copper, penny-like that brings out other more lightly colored gold coins (Ie done with a silver alloy, or 100% pure gold).

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They make an enjoyable item in any collection, and a great investment for any investor. Read more information about South African Krugerrands to see if they are right for you.


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