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Singer feather to jump?

My pen Singer sewing machine skip stitch. Does anyone know what the problem might be, and how I can fix it myself?

Do you jump, or is it just a matter of time? If you can see a hole, is omitted. If you can not see a hole, it is possible stitch length is variable. Make sure the needle is carried out correctly in the right direction and appropriate. You can not have a problem with the hook, the company held by the bobbin in place. If worn, rounded, or oil, no pin, out on the fly, before reaching the needle. I think the pin often distort the alignment of fabric, so I almost never use anyway. If only a few points more than others, see how to handle the fabric. If you pull, bend the needle and cause irregular mesh. Also, if you vary the pressure on your feet under pressure that can vary the length of the stitch.

Nearly 80 years in 1933, Isaac Singer introduced the pen model of sewing machine 221 to the World's Fair in Chicago. Today, nearly 50 years after the last boom was produced in 1960, in the modern era points sewing machines controlled by a computer, the pen is always highly sought after the sewing machine. In fact, some models are still 221 pesos in pen in the hands of their original owners. Three why you need to find and buy one.

1. Simplicity. The Model 221 was designed to do one thing and do it well, and has been sewing a straight stitch. The mechanism involves the movement of crochet and sewing original four-rotary channel, both originally patented in 1850 by Allen Wilson. Similar if they are not able to build a better mousetrap, these two mechanisms are still in the modern sewing machine, but without any electronics. The original mechanism is a simple interaction finely milled that work with the regularity of a Swiss watch. Except mechanism physical damage, the parties can not be spent over time, but regular maintenance (lubrication, cleaning) to keep the mechanism operation and the day it was purchased.

2. Sustainability. In 1933, Singer has designed the pen 221 to be the only machine Sewing a housewife needs to buy. The mechanism of sewing flat was completed by a rigid metal frame and a small but the powerful engine. The metal (aluminum) Marco dramatically reduces vibration during operation, the sewing mechanism is smooth. It allowed the 221 to sew fabrics without putting excessive pressure on the engine. When first introduced, the Model 221 was described as being able to the work of an industrial sewing machine. Thus, by limiting the stress on the engine of a rigid structure, Singer has managed to extend total life of the machine. Again, proper maintenance is essential to further reduce friction of moving parts, which is another component of sustainability the pen is so easy care.

3. Weight. This is called an overriding of a pen. Singer was realize that sewing machines occupy the space, especially when they are too heavy to move and are often accompanied by sewing table. Weighing of ~ 11 kg and a half (thanks to the aluminum chassis design and simplification) of the pen was the first truly portable sewing machine. When is placed in its case, the lightweight 221 can easily be stored outside of sight in a closet. Today, the light is beneficial for sewer and quilts that travel to lectures and demonstrations as appropriate, to bring your own machine. Of course, you can shoot in fully electronic Bernina in a wheelbarrow, or just take your pen, without ever breaking a sweat.

Approximately 2.5 million 221 pen was produced from 1933 to 1960, and because of its simplicity, durability and lightness, a well sought after and respected machine sewing.

If you liked this article and are looking for either more information or want to know where you can find a Singer featherweight 221, visit my Singer Featherweight 221 blog. Did you also know that you can save yourself quite a few dollars by learning how to repair your sewing machine at home.


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