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I bought a Star Wars lightsaber at Walmart and calls for 1.5V R14 2 C size batteries. What are they?

I looked at battery change China and found R14, but they are AA or C size batteries help.

I changed my reply, I looked at him, Alkaline batteries are alkaline battery size c ^ C Alkaline 1.5V GP 1.5VC GP - Other codes for size C batteries: R14, LR14, ... Energizer LR14 1.5V alkaline C UltraPlus 624,679 Ref [Pack 2] ... - 54k - Cached - Similar pages

Laser Marking 2D Matrix ECC 200 codes printed circuit

Manufacturers of electronics, audio equipment for automotive systems remote keyless entry, are increasingly looking for a reliable, cost-effective for uniquely identifying and tracking products through the cycle code readable by machine is applied to a circuit board inside the different products. The code must be strong enough to survive manufacturing processes, including including the wave soldering and board cleaning, must not affect circuit performance and must store the information in the small space PCB real estate knowledge of a method for the continuous implementation of 2D matrix codes to most board substrates. The high resolution and high-beam precision guidance laser marking systems provides the means to create well-defined code of high reliability regardless of the size of the code. Laser marking provides also provides users with a marking process controlled by computer for easy implementation into automated surveillance systems product.

ECC 200 2D Matrix Codes

two-dimensional symbologies encode information in the form of a chessboard on / off blood cells. Specific Advantage Data Matrix on conventional 1D barcodes are:

· Information Encodes digital, unlike encoding printing techniques and imagery available.

• Due to the information inherent in high density Data Matrix codes, they Reading also offers integrated conventional bar, which means that you can read in any orientation.

Data Matrix ECC 200 symbology is the most popular 2-D with a wide use of the automobile, aerospace, electronics, semiconductors, medical devices and other manufacturing applications at the unit level traceability. Data Matrix are generally not to replace bar codes linear, but the traditional barcode used, which were too appears as a checkerboard matrix () with individual seats (cells) in both on (white) or not (black) state. The code consists of four different elements.

• The Finder (L) Plan is a row of cells solid along the left edge and bottom of code that directs the reader to 2D code available.

• The clock track is a sequence of on / off cells along the right bank and top of the code designates the row / column to tell the reader.

• The data region is the cell model black and white in the model L and watch that contains tracks the contents of the alphanumeric code.

• The quiet and close to the code must be free any property that may be visible to the reader. The lying area must be at least two rows / columns wide for building codes of square cells. Area off must be at least four rows / columns wide built to the codes of circular cells (points).

ECC 200 Data Matrix codes can store up 3116 digits, 2335 alphanumeric characters or 1555 bytes of binary information in a column of the matrix of 144 lines 144. As the size of symbols realistic printed circuit boards may still contain a number optical system and beam direction.

The laser is a light amplifier generating a beam of light, collimated light at a specific wavelength. For applications and welding mask FR4, most Users choose the CO2 laser, air-cooled operating in the wavelength infrared 10,640 Nm. This laser offers performance and cost advantages, and gives excellent results marked.

The laser beam is projected through two beam deflecting mirrors mounted high speed high precision galvanometers. As the mirrors are turned in the direction of the computer system, the laser beam scans across the surface of target (Tie) at the desired image.

After the laser beam deviates from the direction of the beam mirrors, the smallest Field Thank possible flat-field focusing optics. The ground-mounted in the area of the Focus is a multi-element optical device designed to keep the plan Focal laser beam focused into a relatively flat in the marked field. The focused laser light significantly increases the power density and energy associated with the brand.

The function laser optical train for focusing the laser beam to a small extent, and to explore the laser beam on the surface the target at high speed and precision. With the man can be as small as 0.040 inch and 2D matrix codes can be constructed from features individual, and a single inch of 0.004 points.

PCB Marking

On the occasion of printed circuit boards, heat heat produced by the laser changes the surface of the card to create a contrast conformal coating on FR4 boards -

The laser beam can alter the texture of the layer, which gives it a more striking contrast, or can completely remove FR4 produce a near white appearance.

Block · silkscreen ink -

For users and the identification of the screen or other components of information set out in the tables, a screen printing ink white block can function as a background for the 2D code to optimize readability. This technique is particularly useful when ...

o The background color the board is similar to the color of the laser mark.

or circuits which obscures the image of the underlying code readers.

o Table material is not suitable for laser marking, code is an important step in the total quality program. After scoring each circuit, the reader checks the integrity of the brand before indexing the laser marking head to the following location online. The reader gets the string 2D text alphanumeric code and compares it with the text string that was marked.

The reader also evaluates the readability of the code based on a variety of parameters included in the foreground and background contrast, geometric accuracy (slope, angle, etc.) and dimensional accuracy both marked and unmarked cells. 2D codes are classified as past (green), Warning (yellow) or not (red). For greater efficiency of total production, the laser system can be programmed to verify that a select few 2D codes on a panel, then switch automatically to checking codes each code based on the performance of older readers downstream to ensure consistent performance throughout the assembly process.

Laser conveyor. Productivity laser marker set consists of several steps that make up the marking cycle. The steps required to sign a multi-matrix are ...

  1. Transport and positioning the group in the area of marking.

  2. detecting the location of trust (Optional)

  3. The delimitation of the first circuit matrix

  4. Verification Code 2D Matrix marking (optional)

  5. The movement of the laser mark a transportation panel marking system (synonymous with what the next panel)

Operating Cost

Cost of operation is considerably less than $ 1.00 per hour. Typical requirements of public services are 110VAC, 1-phase, 5 years at a cost of $ 1,000.00 to $ 1,500.00. Assuming a working week of 40 hours and the lifetime of the tube 3 years the cost of replacing the tube would $ 0.18 an hour for a total operating cost of $ 0.30 per hour in most difficult conditions. The cost for marking is less to $ 0.0003 per circuit.


The electronics industry has been seeking cost and technically effective in applying machine readable codes for printed circuit boards since the 1980s. The first laser marking attempts including linear bar codes on the table edge, a challenge of alignment for the reader, and make linear barcodes near the ski circuit is also a challenge for bar code readers. Content barcode has been limited to a few characters because of the limited space and the character code per inch bar capacity.

The development of 2D matrix code associated with the resolution, permanence and speed of laser-directed marking technology now offers manufacturers a reliable, cost effective, flexible and verifiable uniquely identify each product through production, distribution About the Author

Richard Stevenson is the Sales Director for Control Micro Systems, Inc. a manufacturer of beam-steered laser marking systems. He has held numerous engineering, sales and marketing positions since joining the laser industry in 1976. He has published and presented numerous technical papers and articles on laser marking in trade publications and conferences and has represented the laser marking industry on the Laser Systems Product Group of the Association of Manufacturing Technology.

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