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What are some cool hobbies.P.S.Please make a long list!!!!?

play an instrument
building and launching rockets
model building
building and flying RC airplanes
making polymer clay things
sports (soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, track, etc.)
ice skating
build dollhouses and dollhouse furniture
martial arts
volunteering in your community
help build houses with Habitat for Humanity
collect stamps
collect coins
collect cards (I used to collect Magic the Gathering cards just for the artwork)
research and present causes (women's issues, environment, etc)
draw comics
computer animation
logic games
word games
build a full sized lego robot using technics gears and motors
jewelry art
wire art
stained glass
hand dye fabric
paper making
nature art
rebuild a car or motorcycle
creative theater
ribbon dance
Irish step dance/ clogging / tap dance
amateur paintball competitions
card games
board games
chalk drawing
collect and/or build model train sets
metal working
spend time with hospital bound children or the elderly
hair design
body art
fingernail art
white water rafting
horseback riding
dog shows
song writing
handbuild instruments
write to soldiers / veterans
find a penpal
find a foreign penpal and practice your foreign language skills
make pet beds for abandoned animals living in shelter cages
chemistry (exploding goo is a blast!)
collect rare / antique books
make braided rugs
spool knit
graphic image design
make chocolate candies
cake decorating
interior design
clothing design
hoop dance
faux floral arranging
yoyo tricks
magic tricks
scuba diving
drag racing (on a legal track, of course)
ballet / jazz dance / other forms of dance

You can do something nice for somebody in need - you can make baby hats for needy infants quick and easy without ever learning to knit. Donate them to your local hospital or to Newborns in Need. Go to Michael's or JoAnn and buy the small Knifty Knitter (the blue one) or the set of Knifty Knitters and some soft yarn.

I like the Bernat Super Value yarns for making soft baby hats on the Knifty Knitter with a single strand. You can make lots of hats with just one skein. I like to get one boy color, one girl color, and one neutral and knit up a ton of them.

This is really quick and easy. My five-year-old makes these hats right along with me.;$sessionid$LTIOVBYAAE3RYP4SY5LRIHR50LD3UEPO?CATID=138837&PRODID=84618&source=search;$sessionid$LTIOVBYAAE3RYP4SY5LRIHR50LD3UEPO?CATID=138837&PRODID=90442&source=search;$sessionid$LTIOVBYAAE3RYP4SY5LRIHR50LD3UEPO?CATID=82240&PRODID=47172

You can use the Knifty Knitter to make scarves for Christmas gifts, also, as well as a number of other items (check the provocraft site for free patterns).

Visits to hospital: What do you mean?

As the pastoral staff, most of us have had the opportunity to go visiting someone in hospital. It can be an enjoyable experience that will welcome you with a smile, or they can cry all we offer prayer and comfort. It can also be difficult. For church members, all of these situations can be frightening. Despite the fact that yesterday, were easily conversing as you hit golf balls together, today, see you coming and plunges under the covers. People really want you come see them in this little dress? Should bring a map? A gift?

What supposed to talk like nurses breeze inside and outside room? If you try to encourage this person? Pray? Here are some suggestions for people with chronic illnesses who have spent time in hospital. Feel free to modify it for use in your church bulletin as a resource guide to better equip your church with a few special tools.

"I wish people would ask:" What can I do to help? "If only I could make myself a sandwich or I do things a little iced tea ... bit. Words like: "I admire your strength in what happens" bring me comfort. "Martha"

"Someone I brought a bottle of perfume and is just what I needed!-Laurie

"When I'm sick of being hospitalized, the number of visitors are not reassuring. I feel I have to entertain you. I prefer not to stay too long and add to my distress. I understand when they are sources of spiritual healing, for example, a magazine Hito "Donna .-

"To keep busy in bed, I enjoy tape to listen to spiritual music and spiritual to keep me busy. "Robinson

"I have a friend who is a great laugh. It is contagious and I always feel better to be near her. "Martha

"I would tell friends:" Is what I can do for you I know that you suffer, I could say a little prayer for relief of pain may be a little? "Judy

"I hope that friends who have offered their help and just call to say hello. Words are nice pick-me-up. "You are in my prayers" It is good. I understand that someone is praying for me. That seems better than praying by myself. The disease is just enough. "-Beverley

"The greatest gift when I was in the hospital was a box of crayons and color of my book 5 - granddaughter years. "Marilyn"

"Humor always good (except just after surgery). I just had a Spleenectomy and my friends came and began to think that the jokes make me Laughter is a good thing. At that moment made me laugh, but I ripped my stitches a bit and had a lot of pain. So ... "-Beverley

"My daughter sent updates to all my friends online. He then made copies of their words of encouragement, scriptures, and prayers and took them to hospital. "Martha"

"The things I comfort provided by a new book or a ball wire hook or son, a beautiful get well card, a telephone call from an old friend, some homemade cookies and soda. "Judy"

"I love getting mail, or pick up the phone to find a friend at the other end. I hope you understand that if I do not respond with enthusiasm may be that my drugs, I kind of leave or I'm just a bad day, but I still call. "Terry

"I liked the candy, flowers, books, lotion, shower things, perfume. My favorite gift was however a hamburger of my favorite fast food restaurant. "-Beverley

"Having my husband will be there as much as he could helped the most. When I was in pain, having my daughter and a friend rush to my side and pat me and show love helped a lot. "Martha"

About the Author

Lisa Copen is founder of Rest Ministries, serving the chronically ill, &
editor of HopeKeepers Magazine.

. Get 3 copies of her book Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways to Encourage
a Chronically Ill Friend for just $10.


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