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Where I can buy sheets of leather in Singapore?

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Check your local yellow pages for "leather importers.


Leather is dry, temperate, tanning and dyeing leather or animal. In general is available form the hair removed. These hides and skins from animals treated to preserve and make them suitable for use in a while. Through a process of tanning fur becomes stable and decaying material.

Uses and benefits of the skin:

Leather is a versatile natural material, warm in winter and cool in summer. There is almost no insulation other natural fibers has features that allow ventilation and evaporation to take place. leather provide a real service and durability.

The leather is used for making leather garments and leather garments, leather briefcase bags, leather handbags handbags and leather goods are also of great importance in our daily lives

In its broadest sense, is any kind of leather animals leather. The different types of leather are characterized both by the type of animal skin used and the tanning and manufacturing methods of its own. Most types of common skin leather cow, but other animals such as kangaroos and ostriches, is also popular in some applications. Types leather to meet different objectives, such as clothing, shoes, luggage, binding, and drums.

A variety of animal skins are used to produce different looks in leather. Once the leather is tanned and processed, certain items are selected for use in a particular application. He will then proceed through another round of transformation and division for each application. Leather quality is determined by actual processes and chemicals used in their preparation. reputed manufacturers for the production of high quality furniture, upholstery car, as well as jackets and clothing. cheap leather, on the other hand, means lower quality and less sustainable in the long term.

A leather skin of the animal can be made by a number of different methods, each providing different properties of the final product. Tanned leather with products of plant origin is flexible, but can be damaged by exposure to water. Alum-tanned leather, together with salts aluminum, is less flexible and can be decomposed in water, but can be much lighter in tone than in vegetable tanned leather. A new method of tanning using chromium salts, results in a very soft leather that supports relatively well in water. Brain-suede or leather, made from animal brains or other emulsified oils, is washable and significantly softer than one variety, but also the rarest because it is expensive and time consuming to produce.

Stiffer, more durable leather rates, suitable for use drums, binding, and, historically, armor, are created with different methods. Rawhide is made by scraping the skin of animals, treating with lime, and extends along the drying process. Boil in water or wax is another method used to perform the types of Leather is extremely difficult.

The lighter types of skin can be prepared in different ways. Full grain leather, used in the best leather products, not later amended the removal of hair and leather tanning. Therefore, the raw materials required href = ""> excellent quality. Premium leather is sand on one side and given artificial grain From inside an animal skin.

Other types of leather are patent leather, which has a very bright, smooth finish, often Leather straps is heavy and durable, and can maintain its unique sound. Napa is known for its sweetness, as he escaped, the skin of a fetus veal. Vachetta leather is often used as decoration on handbags.

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