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I need a gold / silver / home-plate system in the UK?

I am looking for a system of plates

Tips on how to keep your silver jewelry Zirconia

Caring for Silver - Cubic Zirconia jewelry is not so difficult. money law itself is a very durable metal. Usually able to cope with a lot of stress without cracking or breaking. On the other hand, cubic zirconia can be as hard as diamond, but may lead to your account. If you have jewelry made from these materials very well, you know the beauty of these jewels will intact for a long time. Whether you have simple cubic rings zirconia silver, necklaces, earrings (etc), or if you have any information Commons. There are simple steps on how can take care of these jewels so they can last long.

Keep them in their original boxes jewelry. Sometimes, the cubic zirconia silver jewelry in games - and these sets usually come in beautiful velvet-lined boxes or crates. Instead of taking jewelry and to lump them pell-mell into a jewelry box alone, it would be better to separate them from the rest of her jewelry. This ensures that all is as a whole, which allows to find and implement appropriate tasks jewelry easier to do. This practice also ensures that the precious Precious metals and not rub against each other, which can cause irreparable scratches.

If you prefer to prefer to However, all in a container (such as jewelry or a jewelry box armoire large), try to keep each piece (or corresponding to songs such as earrings) constant, making rings and earrings corrugated coatings specially assigned. Keep the ball airborne in the closet wall your jeweler if the box contains the following fact. Line bracelets flat against the bottom layer, or, better yet, keep them suspended in cabinets and wall. If your jewelry box has slotted liners or closets, you can invest in small packets of fabric (preferably velvet in any fabric soft) to keep your jewelry individually.

Try colored linen package to indicate what are the tracks and rings, etc. Say using blue velvet bags for your necklaces, while the reds are for jade bracelets. This way, you do not have to go through the entire collection in search of jewelry to wear. Again, it is important to keep the parts individually.

Given some time, could see its expanding jewelry collection. In this case, it is recommended that you store your documents according to the materials they contain, unlike the classic form of jewelry storage by function. Of course, it is even easier to maintain the outstanding issues with others (for example). However, some fashion jewelry, such as those plated with gold or silver have high acidity levels that cause these parts to wear out more quickly than real gold and jewels Sterling silver. Keeping your coins depending on the materials that compose them, (ie sterling silver sterling silver), may ensure a longer life to your entire collection of jewelry.

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