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What you should know about how to prepare your kitchen for the summer time

If you have a love for cooking like me, you're excited about the days longer. Honestly, with the exception of the kitchen for the holidays, the kitchen during the winter like more a chore for me. However, cooking in the spring and summer is cooking for fun. In fact, I can not wait to start grilling on! But before exploring all our love the kitchen in the spring and summer, we must address the culinary arts and cooking.

Time Summer is the ideal opportunity to examine all items in your kitchen, especially herbs and spices. Of course, you have grass and spices, as we expect for all the wonderful new flavor ingredients coming your way. However, as we shall see, is not necessarily the case.

Let's begin.

In First, you must consider all your spices. Go to your spice rack, chances are the spices that have been in operation for years! If do not remember the purchase of the spice in the past year, the power of the spice that has degenerated, then I recommend you throw it. All spices remaining in his office after the review, open and breathe. So you have a little bitterness or smell musty? Once again, it is logical to stale spices on fresh ingredients! Getting rid of him.

For species that remained in his office after examination, place a sticker on each with the letters: DST. When you return to standard time, you can see the spices and know with certainty when the last inspection.

Some of the spices left in his study can be combined into new combinations of flavors. And why not? It is your cabinet and spices. Who says you can not combine? You take the time to cook! Be bold and have fun. you never know, you do can come with their own special secret! Once you're done, make a list of spices you need to buy to fill their inventories.

What should you do?

  • Clean your oven
  • Remove crumbs and media Brightness
  • Check your plastic, Tupperware and utensils
  • Revision of property used for cracks and cleanliness
  • It whet sharpen knives
  • Clean pots and pans, if necessary Brightness
  • Wipe baking sheets for a better reflection of the material
  • Clean the freezer of the old
  • Organize your pantry, throw Christmas gifts

By Sleeping an extra hour, daylight saving time is a reminder of the culinary arts. Cooking should be fun, and if you're ready for the season before turning your kitchen too, love and enjoy fresh produce that next season will bring the pleasures of cooking!

About the Author

Chef Todd Mohr is a classically trained chef, entrepreneur and educator. Chef Todd's simple philosophy - burn your recipes and learn how to really cook - has helped many home cooks and professionals alike finally achieve success in the kitchen. Learn his  1 Secret for Free and discover how <a href="">online cooking classes</a> can really teach you to cook!


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