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How I can work on the head of a soccer ball?

I have a problem position of the ball. Whenever the head of a ball football, two things happen: 1) I address the ball the wrong side of the head or 2) did not come out of the ball far enough. How I can improve one's head ball?

Well, one thing is certain, practice. Naturally, the more you practice the head of the ball under any circumstances, be improved. But here is some important tips that can give you: When you say you are the head of the ball with the wrong side of the head, you say I can usually head the ball the forehead, just under his scalp, which is optimal for both the purpose and power. The goal, however, is how you can keep your neck adjusted in the direction you want the ball to go. The neck muscles are important in determining the meaning and power. Before working in power-to-door work. Set a target on a wall you can hit the ball. Throw the ball to yourself or a friend start another, and aim the ball towards the place where the wall with his head as he hit. Move through the lens, so you must adjust your target practice a lot. Talking about power. Power, of course, comes with the technique and where and how to hit the ball head. One of the most important things for the accuracy and power is always the ball. Never wait until the ball comes to you. Literally, you have to run to the ball produce energy, and play in their community beat your opponent to the ball. Once you are able to direct the ball with the right side of his head, the objective of the ball correctly, and have developed the instinct to go to run the ball, you can develop some muscles of the head the ball harder, I can tell, almost all parts of your body is used when the head of the ball, but there are some that stand out. Your abs and obliques, if developed, can really help build a movement of the upper body explosion if the position of the ball. If your heart is strong, you can handle the ball much harder is a fact. Another muscle to grow is its neck. It is a little difficult, but you can find the training to do so. In addition, the development of its speed back the amount of time it takes for you to move your body and neck, and finally to the front of the head. This order, usually developed abdominals, obliques, neck, back.

How to kick a soccer ball - Getting rid of the bottom plate

How many times have you heard screaming in the background? "Kick strings with you, not your foot! "

Well, not really blame the player if you understand the evolution of the kick. The problem is that most of parents and coaches do not know what is impossible to change without a "process". When we studied this problem in our research which lasted over two years. This was fast enough. Recording video player, it is easy to understand.

A child does not change not walk or run their natural step when they begin to kick a soccer ball. It's almost as if the ball goes just to get on the path of his approach natural. When walking or running our nature as human beings finger points forward as it advances. Keep the foot on land we walk or run like a Clydesdale horse. In addition, when the leg moves forward, we have very little space between the bottom of the foot and the ground. Pointing to down to make it fell to the ground, often causing serious injury.

Many coaches and parents make the mistake of taking the child directly the form of a traditional direct kick in full force. Whenever To do this, the child "heel" on its feet and the stem tip of your foot. This thought is continued in the spirit of the child and remember that this kick and hurt. Not a good thought processes.

A child must first learn to hit with a shot from the corner.

A firing angle can remember the toe slightly outward and away from our body. Doing this reduces the need for regulation. This movement begins to kick in the leg behind our torso. Then, the swings leg slightly and ends back around the front of our body.

In addition, the child must realize to create the regulation, which must "shorten the length of their legs." It is not easy for one year from 8 to understand. However, as indicated in Blast The Ball, There are two simple ways to help.

1) Learn the swing V. The V swing is performed by all advanced players in all of its kicks. They exist simply not considered. Keep knee slightly bent, and through changes, "shortens the leg."

2) In addition, occasionally lifting up slightly hip will give good clearance. Leaving foot shot into the ground, we want the player to point your foot on the ground. But they must do so by increasing the hip is not the leg or knee.

Try to imagine that training in writing is difficult. But once you see it in action, you'll be surprised how something so simple can change a football player for life.

A key point of the ball is Blast not letting the first player in full swing. The should feel this movement by the exaggerated slow motion kicks. This also prevents injuries as well. You learn more

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